Cuddled your bundle of joy today? If not, fret not, as we know sometimes busy schedules would keep your sweet talks and love touches in the background. Once you read this, you will know why it is so important to ‘cuddle’ your baby.

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First Reason: Magical Touch

It’s certainly no joke. Children who are cuddled and loved a bit more than their counterparts will be more emotionally stable. A hug means a lot more than just saying that mommy loves the child. The strength of your relation is bound to grow if children feel more welcome and loved whenever parents can hug, snuggle and kiss them as often as possible.

Second Reason: The Bond Warmness

Children could have bad dreams, or stomach upsets or maybe a few fights with their cousins, siblings or friends. Whether a toddler or a child, a small hug, could give them a very warm feeling that you will be there for them though their ups and downs. They feel calm and even will develop a good self esteem about themselves. In short, a small hug can raise their self confidence and help them feel good about themselves as they grow up.

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Children play with colours on Holi in Bikaner on March 2, 2018. Image Source: IANS

Bikaner: Children play with colours on Holi in Bikaner on March 2, 2018.

Third Reason: Stress Reliever

Nothing more soothing than a fatherly or motherly snuggle! We definitely do not think so! It gives the children the real feel that they are in the safest place in the world, and that they can confide whatever tensions they could have come across in life. Build their positive side steadily!

Fourth Reason: Taming the Child

A hug can relax the child and make them more willing to listen to your instructions. Even this has been proven to be a better remedy to very stubborn teenagers. When they feel loved, it would be more difficult for them to oppose to the rules set by elders. They would be open minded and believe that it is being said for their own good. Understand why you should not be harsh on them.

Fifth Reason: Fights Loneliness

Specially when children just start going to school and also during their puberty stages of life- all children begin to feel left out, depressed and angry at the most unexpected moments. This could be when they do not get accepted by classmates. Or could be bullied by their fellow schoolmates. Whatever be the reason- if you talk softly, pat them on their back and even better help them get to bed peacefully- they would feel better, talk to you openly about their fears. Your comforting words and making them feel that you are there for them- will help them feel loved and not lonely.

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Sixth reason: Healthy & Happy

A hug and tickle, or a bedtime story or sweet relaxation time round the dinner time is essential to make the family, happy and united. It makes each one of the family members be comfortable enough to discuss their daily events. Also it reduces the chances of smartphone addiction . Children learn the concept of sharing and giving love. This evokes happiness and thereby keeping the whole family. Parent child casual talks can also help you know your child as a whole and ward them off from 'killer games'.

The path to great relationships is to be mastered as it spreads humanity and happiness.