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About Aeroflot-Nord, the airlines company based in Russia. Find the IATA Code, ICAO code and call sign of Aeroflot-Nord. Also find the domestic and international airports to which Aeroflot-Nord flights operate service.

Callsign : DVINA Country : Russia

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Destinations and Airports to which Aeroflot-Nord Flights Operate Service

Given below is a list of airport to which the Russia based Aeroflot-Nord Flights operates service. Find the international as well as domestic airports (airports in Russia) to which Aeroflot-Nord flies.

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  1.   Helsinki-vantaa Airport,
        Vantaa, Finland
  2.   Tromso/langnes Airport,
        Tromso, Norway
  3.   Simferopol Airport,
        Simferopol, Ukraine

Aeroflot-Nord - Major Domestic Destinations