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About Malév, the airlines company based in Hungary. Find the IATA Code, ICAO code and call sign of Malév. Also find the domestic and international airports to which Malév flights operate service.

Callsign : MALEV Country : Hungary

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Destinations and Airports to which Malév Flights Operate Service

Given below is a list of airport to which the Hungary based Malév Flights operates service. Find the international as well as domestic airports (airports in Hungary) to which Malév flies.

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  1.   Charles De Gaulle Airport,
        Paris, France
  2.   Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport,
        Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3.   Ataturk Airport,
        Istanbul, Turkey
  4.   Frankfurt International Airport,
        Frankfurt, Germany
  5.   Dublin Airport,
        Dublin, Ireland

Malév - Major Domestic Destinations