Agonda is one of the isolated beaches of Goa that is also called as ‘Silent Beach’ owing to its serenity. It is situated in Cancona Taluk, about 37 kms from Margoa. Agonda Beach is a picturesque beach that is 3 kms long with long stretched of white sands and casuarinas and palm trees. The stunning ivory-colored cove of the beach makes it a perfect getaway for tourists looking for solitude and a completely relaxed vacation. The sight of vast ocean, white sand and abundance vegetation are characteristics of Agonda Beach that makes it a superb destination for tourists in search of tranquillity and peace.

 Location : State/District

Agonda Beach is situated under the Goa state in India, under the South Goa district. The latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of Agonda Beach are 15.0336⁰ North and 73.9912⁰ East respectively.

 Destination Type

Agonda Beach is a scenic beach destination located in the Indian state of Goa.

 Family Vacation

Agonda Beach is a chosen destination for tourist looking for solitude. This place is the most sought-after weekend destination for the locals. Agonda Beach is not very frequented beach of Goa by tourists; it is an ideal hideout for nature and sea lovers. Adventure enthusiasts love camping at night in Agonda Beach and enjoy the music of crashing sea waves.

 Weather Information

The weather in Agonda Beach is warm in all seasons. All through the year the maximum temperature recorded during the day does not exceed from 33⁰C while the minimum temperature at night never drops below 20⁰C. During the winter months from December till February, the nights get slightly chilly. June kick starts the monsoons in Agonda Beach and continues till September. The place receives good rainfall and causes destruction to the beachside huts. During monsoons the beach has a deserted look and visitors must avoid the beach in this season. The tourist season in Agonda Beach starts from late October till end of March.

 Travelling Requirements

Citizens of the country can freely travel to Agonda Beach at their convenience. Tourists travelling from different parts of the world need visa permission from the Indian government. Their visa application must be filled with all the correct and required information. A copy of their valid passport also needs to be submitted along with the application.


Agonda Beach is a destination to just sit back and enjoy the sight of surging of sea waves from the seashore. Leisure walks along the beach is a pleasurable activity for all age groups. Swimming in the sea is also enjoyable but tourist must ensure not to go far into the sea. There are few restaurants and beach huts at Agonda Beach wherein you can eat scrumptious food and sip your favourite drink while basking in the beauty of the sea and nearby hill top. At Agonda Beach there are some boat tours that take you to dolphin areas or close islands nearby. Tourists primarily come here for recluse, to spend some time with themselves.

 Places to Visit

Cabo da Rama fort is a popular tourist attraction located close to the beach. There is a beautiful fort built by Portuguese on the hill, close to Cabo da Rama. Even though the fort is in ruins, it is still a place worth watching. A spectacular church called as Santo Antonio is located inside the fort. Tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and surroundings from the church. The Cabo de Rama fort is named after the Hindu deity Lord Ram, as the place served as his abode during his exile for 12 years. This place has religious significance for Hindus. The architecture of the castle tells the tale of bygone eras, and this place is an important historic site in Goa.

Shiva Yoga Centre is a very good meditation and Yoga Centre located close to the Agonda Beach. The centre offers yoga classes under the guidance of Swami Shivanadji, a famed yoga teacher. Shiva Yoga Centre also offers comfortable accommodations for visitors willing to relax in this place for few days. The serene atmosphere of the place will make you feel revitalized.

Shiv Mandir around Agonda Beach is also a famous religious destination for Hindu followers. It is one of ancient temples in Goa and visitors flock here in large numbers. The Shiv Mandir is open on all days for darshan from morning 5am to 8 pm.

Mallikarjun Temple is another religious spot located at Shristhal, close to the Agonda Beach. The shrine in the temple is dedicated to God Shiva and also houses 60 different Hindu deities. According to the mythological story, the demon named Malla fought with Arjuna, one among the Pandavas. Lord Shiva intervened and saved Arjuna by killing the demon, Malla. The shrine of the Mallikarjun Temple is the oldest shrine that dates back to the 16th century. The temple is crowded by tourists especially during the celebrations of festivals like ‘Avatar Purush’, ‘Veeramel’, ‘Jatra’ and ‘Shisharani’.

The Rock Formations located at the extreme southern point of Agonda Beach is a beautiful spot that is worth watching. The view of sunset from here is simply breathtaking.

 Food and Accommodation

Even though Agonda Beach is not densely crowded it gives the best gourmet experience to its visitors. There are arrays of restaurants scattered in and around that beach that serve delectable sea food and other cuisines as well. Some of the must try eating joints of Agonda Beach are Blue Planet Cafe, Agonda White Sand Restaurant, Nature Organic, Rico’s, La Dolce Vita, Simrose, Arabian Nights and Saxony Beach Cottages and Restaurants.

In Goa, coco huts are preferred accommodations over hotels by most of the tourists. Some of the recommended beach huts in Agonda Beach are Shanti Village, Simrose and Agonda Cottages. These coco huts offer first class facilities to guests and room tariffs start from INR 3000 up to INR 600 a night. Some of budget hotels and resorts in Agonda Beach are Tina Beach Resort, Cuba Agonda, Palm Beach Lifestyle Resort, Agonda Deam View, Cleos Agonda and Tutti Garden Bungalows. The rates here are well within INR 2000 per night. For luxurious travellers there are hotels like Agonda Villlas, Audio Beach Huts, Mariposa Beach Grove and Cola Beach Tented Resort. The room rates in these accommodations range between INR 4500-5500 for every night.

 Safety and Security

Agonda Beach is one of the silent beaches and therefore swimming very far is not advisable for tourists. Also when you travel to Agonda Beach you must carry all your essentials as there are only some facilities available at the beach.