Calangute Beach is one of the famous beaches of India on the shores of Arabian Sea, in the state of Goa. It is aptly termed as the ‘Queen of Beaches’ and is located at a distance of 15 kms from Panjim, the capital of Goa. Calangute Beach is a huge beach with steeply shelving sand and is crowded with tourists in the peak season from November to February. The beach in Calangute is complete in itself with stalls and shacks placed under the tall palm trees that sells everything right from seashell trinkets to beer and fried pawn delicacies. The lively and hip nightlife of this beach attracts domestic as well as International tourists.

 Location : State/District

Calangute Beach is located in the district of North Goa, in the Indian state of Goa. The latitude of Calangute Beach is 15.5494⁰ North whereas the longitude coordinates of the place is 73.7534⁰ East.

 Destination Type

Calangute is an incredible beach destination that finds its place is the best beaches of India.

 Family Vacation

The pleasure of holidaying in Calangute Beach in the company of your loved ones is unsurpassable. Bathing in the sea or simply enjoying the view of sunset from the shacks with your families and friends is very relaxing and will make you forget all your worries. Calangute Beach has thrilling water sport activities that make it a preferred destination for avid adventure enthusiasts.

 Weather Information

Calangute experiences pleasant climatic conditions all year round with temperature fluctuations remaining minor. Summers in Calangute remains from April to May and the weather remains slightly warm. The temperature during this time ranges between 24⁰C to 33⁰C. Monsoon season starts from June and continues till October. The place receives moderate rainfall and this time one should avoid visiting Calangute Beach. December marks the onset of winters and continues till February and the weather is mildly cold. The minimum temperature is 18⁰C and the maximum temperature recorded is 25⁰C. Light woollen clothes are required during this time. Although Calangute can visited any time of the year, but the best months are from November to February. The temperate is just ideal to join activities in and around beach.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can freely travel to Calangute Beach in Goa, any time of the year. The place is dominated by foreign tourists from all continents. However before travelling, they must acquire visa permission from the Indian government. Their passports must also remain valid for up to six months from the date stated in the visa application.


Calangute Beach is buzzing with activities. Children can be seen making sand castles, some can be spotted surging and having fun in the sea and you can also spot people just lazing on the golden sands of the beach. Calangute Beach is the best place in Goa to enjoy water sports.

The beach of Calangute is just perfect to have fun in the water. Tourists here can enjoy the thrills of Water-skiing, sailing, kayaking, wind-surfing, fishing and even snorkelling. These activities start early in the afternoon and continue late till sunset.

Parasailing is a very popular water sport of the place. The thrilling experience of sailing in air and then touching the waters is unsurpassable. During this activity you also get to enjoy the amazing view of the surroundings. Parasailing is absolutely safe and even non-swimmers can enjoy this incredible feeling.

Besides water sports, there are several trips from Calangute Beach that takes you to crocodile and dolphin spots. You can also visit some close islands to enjoy fishing. River cruises on Zuari and Mondovi River are extremely popular amongst visitors.

Besides water sports, nightlife in Calangute Beach is very enjoyable and a major cried puller. The nightlife here is different from other beaches in Goa in a sense that all the bars closes at 10 to render the environment peaceful. The setting is perfect to sit back in the reclining chairs of the shacks and witness the surging waves from a distance. The vibrant surroundings of Calangute Beach will woo your senses.

 Places to Visit

There are several sightseeing places in and around Calangute Beach that are worth a watch.

The St. Alex Church is an ancient and beautiful church located in the Calangute Beach. The magnificent dome entrance and two towers greet you at you step inside the church. Ornate altars and superb architectural style is worthy of the praise that it gets from every tourist.

The Kerkar Art Complex is a one-of-its-kind art centre that displays a brilliant selection of arts and crafts by the local artists. This place is a must visit for art lovers. On all Thursdays and Fridays you can even enjoy the Indian classical dance and music concerts here.

Medicinal Springs located at Mottant are the favourite picnic spots for tourists. A narrow road past Bom Viagem Convent and then through the cashew-covered foothills takes you to these superb medicinal springs. As the water in these springs is believed to have medicinal properties, tourists can be spotted bathing in these springs.

 Food and Accommodation

Calangute Beach has some of the finest restaurants that serve scrumptious local Goan cuisine along with other International cuisines. The local food like fish curry, Goan curry served with rice on the shacks on the beach is simply delicious and taste out-of-the-world. Some of the popular eating joints in Calangute Beach are Souza Lobo, Sparrows Nest, Florentine and Mirabai’s Goan Village. There are also fine dining restaurants around Calangute that serve delectable foods in a comfortable ambience. Some of these places are Oriental, Bella Ciao, After Seven, Tibetan Kitchen, O’Coquerio and Mooncrest on the Waves. The crowded Pubs and Bars in Calangute Beach to enjoy your drinks are Delseys Bar, Cool Cat, The Red Lion Pub, Dinky’s, Bistroy Bar & Restaurant and Raylo’s Taverna.

Finding accommodations around Calangute Beach to suit your budget is not a problem. There are a range of hotels and guest houses scattered around the beach. The list of budgeted hotels includes Ada Beach Cottages, All Seasons Beach Classic, Albenjoh Guest House, Avantika Resort, Beach Queen Guest House, Atlanta Beach Resort and Blue Marine Beach Resort. The rooms in these accommodations are priced below INR 2000 for each night. The mid-range hotels around Calangute Beach are 9X Boutique Resort, Alor Holiday Resort, Barday’s Inn, Bevvan Resort, Calangute Grande and Calangute Inn. The room tariffs in these range from INR 2000-3500 per night. Calangute even has options for luxurious travellers demanding world class service and facilities. Some of the popular names in this category are 19 Belo Cabana, Adamo the Bellus, Azzure by Spree Hotels, Calangute Beach inn, BR Holiday Resort, Citrus Goa, Dona Terezinha Resort and The Merit Residency. The rooms in these hotels and resorts start from INR 4500 and reach up to INR 14,000 for each night.

 Safety and Security

During high tide and monsoon season swimming in the beach is prohibited. You must follow the safety guidelines provided by the life guards stationed at the beach.