Talsari Beach is a quiet and beautiful beach of Orissa, situated on the Bay of Bengal, near the River Subarnarekha. The name Talsari is formed from two separate words, ‘Tala’ meaning ‘Palm’ and the word ‘Sari/Sarani’ implies ‘a row’. The beautiful of spectacle of long palm trees all around the beach, gives it this name and has given Talsari Beach a sole status of its own. Talsari Beach is one of the less exploited beaches of Orissa that is shrouded in the envelope of tranquillity. This deserted and long sea beach extending for miles is an ultimate treat for the eyes. It is an ideal destination for a relaxed vacation that is frequently visited by national and International tourists.

 Location : State/District

Talsari Beach is located in the Indian state of Orissa, in the district of Balasore. Talsari Beach is situated between the latitude of 21.3548⁰ N and Eastern longitude of 87.2717⁰.

 Destination Type

Talsari Beach is an unspoilt beach destination of Orissa.

 Family Vacation

The tranquil and serene environment of Talsari Beach makes it a chosen destination for nature lovers and tourists seeking for isolation. The beach with plenty of sightseeing options is a perfect place to holiday with families. Tourists from the state of Orissa and Bengal frequently visit the Talsari Beach to get a break from the hectic lifestyle of the cities.

 Weather Information

Talsari Beach can be visited anytime of the year. Summer season is hot with temperatures sometime reaching up to 40⁰C. During the monsoons the place receives optimal rainfall and visitors can witness the dark clouds rolling over the horizon. The sea side looks very beautiful during this time and the whole atmosphere becomes mesmerising. Winters at Talsari Beach are pleasantly cold with temperatures dropping to about 14⁰C. Even though Talsari Beach is a year-round destination, the best time to enjoy the beauty and the surroundings of the place is from the months of October to June.

 Travelling Requirements

Indian citizens can travel any time of the year to Talsari Beach at their discretion. However tourists from outside the country need to take visa permission for travelling to Talsari Beach. They should submit the visa application clearly mentioning the duration and purpose of the stay. Only after their application is accepted they can travel to Talsari Beach for the stipulated time.


Talsari Beach is a very serene and peaceful beach that is not crowded by visitors. However the beach has lots of activities for the visitors to indulge in. The queue of palm trees swaying under the influence of sea breeze, make the environment very pleasant and refreshing. Holiday makers love talking long, leisure walks at the shore and also get a chance to bask in the vicinity of nature. The view of sunset and sunrise from the silver sandy shores is a very rewarding experience. At Talsari Beach you get to enjoy the unexploited ambiance with all your senses. The waters of the sea are not turbulent but peaceful and calm. Also during the night, the beach looks very appealing with Subarnarekha River crisscrossing the beach.

Visitors enjoy spotting the red crabs that are only found at this beach side. These tiny sea creatures are very small and look pretty attractive. There are also boats available on rent so that tourists can enjoy boat ride in the unruffled waters. The ride on the Bay of Bengal is spectacular and costs around INR 40-50 for every hour.

 Places to Visit

Chandaneswar Temple is a spot worth seeing that is located in the Balasore district. This famous temple is located at a few minutes’ walk from the Talsari Beach. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is an important pilgrim destination that is crowded by devotees all year round.

Udaipur Beach is also a virgin and unexplored beach of Orissa that is located at close proximity from the Talsari Beach. The beach side is dotted with tall casuarinas trees and there are few fishermen huts present there. Udaipur Beach with its tranquil environment makes a very romantic destination.

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is a spectacular wildlife destination that is a must visit for animal and nature lovers. The sanctuary was created to preserve the flourishing bio-diversity of Orissa in the year 1975. The sanctuary is particularly popular for spotting giant saltwater crocodiles. The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary has been proposed to find a place among the list of World Heritage Sites.

The New Digha Beach in the state of West Bengal is another favourite destination for tourists visiting the Talsari Beach. The beach is very clean is located at just 2kms from the old beach at Digha. The New Digha Beach looks beautiful and offers magnificent views of the sea.

 Food and Accommodation

There are very limited eating options at Talsari Beach. There is also no local food stalls located close to the beach. Visitors depend on the in-house restaurants of their hotels for their meals. The meals prepared in these restaurants are fresh and their menu is extensive encompassing all different kinds of cuisines. There is only restaurant in close proximity to Talsari Beach known as Bay Cuffe Restaurant. Tourists can relish the local cuisine here that will undoubtedly satiate their taste buds.

The Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) has set up accommodation like Panthniwas for tourists to get a pleasant stay close to the beach. Of late many hotels have been set up in the peripheral areas. The hotels near Talsari Beach offer decent accommodation options with room tariffs ranging between INR1000-1800 for a night. Some of the options included are Sea Hawk Hotel, Sonar Bangla Hotel, Digha Tourist Lodge, Hotel Santiniketan, Hotel Rajeet, Hotel Sea Coast, Hotel Aditya International and The Palm Resort.

 Safety and Security

The Talsari Beach at Orissa is absolutely safe from tourist’s point of view. However one must take care of their personal belongings at the beach and never leave them unattended.