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Distance from Victoria, Argentina to Major Cities

City In Miles In Kms
Kabul, Afghanistan 9551 Miles 15370.84 Km
Sydney, Australia 7414 Miles 11931.68 Km
Sydney, Ashmore and Cartier Islands 7414 Miles 11931.68 Km
Sydney, Coral Sea Islands 7414 Miles 11931.68 Km
Dhaka, Bangladesh 10552 Miles 16981.8 Km
Sao Paulo, Brazil 1034 Miles 1664.06 Km
Copenhagen, Denmark 7444 Miles 11979.96 Km
Barcelona, Spain 6469 Miles 10410.85 Km
Tehran, Iran 8603 Miles 13845.19 Km
Fukushima, Japan 11226 Miles 18066.5 Km
Port Louis, Mauritius 6942 Miles 11172.07 Km
Washington, United States 5060 Miles 8143.28 Km

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