Actual flight time from Honolulu International Airport (HNL), Honolulu, United States to Regional Airport (FSM), Fort Smith, United States. Distance between HNL & FSM is approximately 6300 kilometers.


Flight time from HNL to FSM is 9 hours 45 minutes

American Airlines is one of the one stop flight which takes 9 hours 45 minutes to travel from Honolulu International Airport (HNL) to Regional Airport (FSM)

 Return flight time from FSM to HNL

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Flight time from Honolulu International Airport to airports near Fort Smith, United States

Flight time by direct flights and one stop flights from Honolulu International Airport to airports near Regional Airport.

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
HNL - JLN Joplin, MO, Joplin Regional Airport 15 hrs 45 mins 1 Stop
HNL - TUL Tulsa, Tulsa International Airport 11 hrs 58 mins 1 Stop
HNL - LIT Little Rock, AR, Adams Field Airport 12 hrs 11 mins 1 Stop
HNL - SGF Springfield, Springfield-Branson Rg Airport 12 hrs 55 mins 1 Stop
HNL - OKC Oklahoma City, Will Rogers World Airport 11 hrs 57 mins 1 Stop

Honolulu time is 5 hours behind Fort Smith

Current time in Honolulu, United States : Thu, 13 May, 2021,
Honolulu Timezone: HST (-10:00)

11:26 PM

Current time in Fort Smith, United States :, Fri, 14 May, 2021,
Fort Smith Timezone: CDT (-05:00)

04:26 AM

Airlines operating between Honolulu and Fort Smith