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# No Train Name From To
1 09004 New Delhi Mumbai Special Fare AC Super Fast Special New Delhi Mumbai Central
2 09423 Mangaluru Junction Ahmedabad Junction Summer Special Mangalore Ahmedabad
3 04813 Bhagat Ki Kothi Udhna Summer Super Fast Special Bhagat Ki Kothi Udhna
4 07417 Kacheguda Kakinada Special Kacheguda Kakinada Town
5 07025 Raxaul Secunderabad Special Fare Special Secunderabad Jammu Tawi
6 05054 Bandra - Gorakhpur Special Fare Special Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur
7 07653 Kacheguda Narasapur Special Kacheguda Narasapur
8 07654 Narasapur Kacheguda Special Narasapur Kacheguda
9 09003 Mumbai New Delhi Special Fare AC Super Fast Special Mumbai Central New Delhi
10 05267 Jaynagar Amritsar Express Special Jaynagar Amritsar Junction
11 09424 Ahmedabad Mangalore Summer Special Ahmedabad Mangalore
12 05063 Chhapra Mumbai LTT Mail Express Special Chhapra Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
13 05012 Dahar Ka Balaji Gorakhpur Summer Special Dahar Ka Balaji Gorakhpur
14 05053 Gorakhpur Bandra Special Fare Special Gorakhpur Bandra Terminus
15 07652 Chhapra Jalna Special Chhapra Jalna
16 05111 Banaras Prayagraj Rambagh Magh Mela Special Bhatni Jakhanian
17 05112 Prayagraj Rambagh Banaras Magh Mela Special Jakhanian Bhatni
18 05110 Prayagraj Rambag Banaras Maghmela Special Jakhanian Bhatni
19 05109 Banaras Prayagraj Rambagh Maghmela Special Bhatni Jakhanian
20 05274 Amritsar Samastipur Express Special Amritsar Junction Samastipur

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