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Recently Updated Special Trains

Train No. Name From To Frequency
09761 Banihal - Badgam DEMU Express Special Banihal Budgam Daily
09611 Udaipur City - Bari Sadri Passenger Special Udaipur City Bari Sadri Th & Sa
09612 Bari Sadri - Udaipur City Passenger Special Bari Sadri Udaipur City Mo
09170 Alirajpur - Pratapnagar Passenger Special Alirajpur Pratapnagar Daily
09350 Dahod - Anand MEMU Special Dahod Anand Daily
09561 Wankaner - Morbi DEMU Special Wankaner Morbi Daily
09562 Morbi - Wankaner DEMU Special Morbi Wankaner Daily
09608 Pushkar - Ajmer Express Special Pushkar Terminus Ajmer Su, Mo, We, Th & Sa
09181 Pratapnagar - Alirajpur Passenger Special Pratapnagar Alirajpur Daily
09182 Chhota Udepur - Pratapnagar Passenger Special Chhota Udepur Pratapnagar Daily
09275 Anand - Gandhinagar MEMU Special Anand Gandhinagar Capital Daily
09276 Gandhinagar - Anand MEMU Special Gandhinagar Capital Anand Daily
09299 Bharuch - Anand MEMU Special Bharuch Anand Daily
09349 Anand - Godhra MEMU Special Anand Godhra Daily
09391 Vadodara - Godhra MEMU Special Vadodara Godhra Daily
09392 Godhra - Vadodara MEMU Special Godhra Vadodara Daily
09697 Marwar - Khambli Ghat Passenger Special Marwar Khambli Ghat Daily
09698 Khambli Ghat - Marwar Passenger Special Khambli Ghat Marwar Daily
09328 Ahmedabad - Vadodara MEMU Special Ahmedabad Vadodara Daily
09439 Wankaner - Morbi DEMU Special Wankaner Morbi Daily

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  • Eastern Railway notifies diversion of train numbers 22318 and 12357 on 23/08/2022 and 24/08/2022.
  • South Eastern Railway notifies restoration of train numbers 08645 and 08646 from 17/08/2022 to 27/08/2022.
  • South Eastern Railway notifies cancellation of train numbers 18030 and 18029 on 15/08/2022 and 16/08/2022.
  • South Western Railway notifies special trains of train numbers 07375 and 07376 from 30/08/2022 to 04/09/2022.
  • Southern Railway notifies special trains of train numbers 06050 and 06049 from 07/09/2022 to 11/09/2022.
  • Eastern Railway notifies cancellation of train numbers 03593, 03594, 08643 and 08644, short termination of train numbers 08173, 08174, 08652 and 08173, rescheduling of train numbers 18184 and 13512 on 14/08/2022.
  • Eastern Railway notifies extension of train numbers 12343 and 12344 on 14/08/2022 and 15/08/2022.

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