Okha railway station is a main railway station in Gujarat. There are 34 trains reaching Okha (station code: OKHA). Okha station is the terminal station for 17 trains.

Trains to Okha & Train Timing

List of all trains passing through Okha Railway Station with arrival & departure time of trains. 31 express trains stop at Okha station.

No: Train Name Arr. Dep. Schedule Origin Destination
19566 Uttaranchal Express 14:00 00:00 Mo Dehradun Dehradun Okha Okha
22945 Saurashtra Mail 14:55 00:00 Daily Mumbai Central Mumbai Central Okha Okha
09479 Rajkot Okha Passenger Special 06:00 00:00 Daily Rajkot Junction Rajkot Junction Okha Okha
19251 Veraval Okha Express 08:15 00:00 Daily Veraval Junction Veraval Junction Okha Okha
22906 Shalimar Okha Super Fast Express 16:30 00:00 Th Kolkata Shalimar Kolkata Shalimar Okha Okha
09435 Ahmedabad Okha Super Fast Special Fare Special 08:25 00:00 Su, Th & Fr Ahmedabad Junction Ahmedabad Junction Okha Okha
19209 Bhavnagar Okha Express 12:55 00:00 Daily Bhavnagar Terminus Bhavnagar Terminus Okha Okha
20819 Puri Okha Dwarka Express 10:20 00:00 Tu Puri Puri Okha Okha
04715 Hanumangarh - Sadulpur Express Mela Special 16:00 00:00 Mo Bikaner Junction Bikaner Junction Okha Okha
16733 Rameswaram Okha Express 10:20 00:00 Mo Rameswaram Rameswaram Okha Okha
19576 Nathdwara Okha Weekly Express 18:55 00:00 Fr Nathdwara Nathdwara Okha Okha
16338 Ernakulam Okha Express 16:30 00:00 Su & Fr Ernakulam Junction Ernakulam Junction Okha Okha
19574 Jaipur Okha Weekly Express 13:15 00:00 We Jaipur Junction Jaipur Junction Okha Okha
15636 Guwahati Okha Dwarka Express 23:35 00:00 We Guwahati Guwahati Okha Okha
19567 Tuticorin Okha Vivek Express 03:35 00:00 We Tuticorin Tuticorin Okha Okha
22970 Banaras Okha Super Fast Express 07:45 00:00 Mo Banaras Banaras Okha Okha
15045 Gorakhpur Okha Express 03:35 00:00 Sa Gorakhpur Junction Gorakhpur Junction Okha Okha
19568 Okha Tuticorin Vivek Express 00:00 00:55 Fr Okha Okha Tuticorin Tuticorin
16337 Okha Ernakulam Express 00:00 06:45 Mo & Sa Okha Okha Ernakulam Junction Ernakulam Junction
19575 Okha Nathdwara Weekly Express 00:00 08:20 We Okha Okha Nathdwara Nathdwara
16734 Okha Rameswaram Weekly Express 00:00 08:40 Tu Okha Okha Rameswaram Rameswaram
22905 Okha Shalimar Super Fast Express 00:00 08:40 Su Okha Okha Kolkata Shalimar Kolkata Shalimar
19565 Uttaranchal Express 00:00 10:00 Fr Okha Okha Dehradun Dehradun
22946 Saurashtra Mail 00:00 11:05 Daily Okha Okha Mumbai Central Mumbai Central
15635 Okha Guwahati Dwarka Express 00:00 11:40 Fr Okha Okha Guwahati Guwahati
22969 Okha Banaras Super Fast Express 00:00 14:05 Th Okha Okha Banaras Banaras
19210 Okha Bhavnagar Express 00:00 15:15 Daily Okha Okha Bhavnagar Terminus Bhavnagar Terminus
04716 Sadulpur - Hanumangarh Exam Special 00:00 18:30 Su Okha Okha Bikaner Junction Bikaner Junction
20820 Okha Puri Dwarka Express 00:00 18:50 We Okha Okha Puri Puri
19252 Okha Veraval Express 00:00 20:15 Daily Okha Okha Veraval Junction Veraval Junction
19573 Okha Jaipur Weekly Express 00:00 21:00 Mo Okha Okha Jaipur Junction Jaipur Junction
09480 Okha Rajkot Passenger Special 00:00 21:30 Daily Okha Okha Rajkot Junction Rajkot Junction
15046 Okha Gorakhpur Express 00:00 23:00 Su Okha Okha Gorakhpur Junction Gorakhpur Junction
09436 Okha Ahmedabad Super Fast Special Fare Special 00:00 23:45 Su Okha Okha Ahmedabad Junction Ahmedabad Junction

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearest Airports to Okha Railway Station

Following are the nearest airports to Okha and Okha Railway Station. Distance to the two airports is given in bracket.

  1. Govardhanpur Airport - (96.3 Km / 59.84 Miles)
  2. Rudra Mata Airport - (109.38 Km / 67.97 Miles)

If you are planning to travel to Okha by train, get complete information about Okha train station, nearest railway stations and nearest airport to Okha Railway Station, distance to Okha from major Indian cities and most of all, list of trains to Okha.

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