Given below is details about Train Number 57328, GUNTUR - DHONE PASSENGER running between Guntur Junction and Dhone Junction stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train No.57328, Guntur - Dhone Passenger
Distance206 miles / 330 km
Run Time 9 Hour(s) 15 Mins
Avg. Speed36 kmph

Departure Days From Guntur Junction Railway Station - Daily

The table below shows the time schedule of Guntur - Dhone Passenger, Train number 57328. Timing of Guntur - Dhone Passenger train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Guntur Junction

Station/Code Distance* Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival
Guntur Junction (GNT)
Andhra Pradesh
Origin NA 12:10 NA Daily
Nallapadu (NLPD)
Andhra Pradesh
5 Km 12:21 12:22 1min Daily
Perecherla (PRCA)
Andhra Pradesh
11 Km 12:30 12:31 1min Daily
Phirangipuram (PPM)
Andhra Pradesh
21 Km 12:40 12:41 1min Daily
Nudurupadu (NDPU)
Andhra Pradesh
28 Km 12:48 12:49 1min Daily
Satulur (STUR)
Andhra Pradesh
34 Km 12:55 12:56 1min Daily
Narasaraopet (NRT)
Andhra Pradesh
45 Km 13:12 13:14 2min Daily
Munumaka (MUK)
Andhra Pradesh
52 Km 13:21 13:22 1min Daily
Santamagulur (SAB)
Andhra Pradesh
61 Km 13:29 13:30 1min Daily
Vellalcheruvu Halt (VLE)
Andhra Pradesh
64 Km 13:36 13:37 1min Daily
Savalyapuram (SYM)
Andhra Pradesh
72 Km 13:46 13:47 1min Daily
Vinukonda (VKN)
Andhra Pradesh
82 Km 14:00 14:02 2min Daily
Cheekategalapalem (CEM)
Andhra Pradesh
89 Km 14:09 14:10 1min Daily
Gundalukamma (GKM)
Andhra Pradesh
95 Km 14:19 14:20 1min Daily
Kurichedu (KCD)
Andhra Pradesh
107 Km 14:31 14:32 1min Daily
Potlapadu (POO)
Andhra Pradesh
113 Km 14:38 14:39 1min Daily
Donakonda (DKD)
Andhra Pradesh
120 Km 15:00 15:02 2min Daily
Gajjelakonda (GJJ)
Andhra Pradesh
130 Km 15:13 15:14 1min Daily
Markapur Road (MRK)
Andhra Pradesh
143 Km 15:31 15:32 1min Daily
Tarlupadu (TLU)
Andhra Pradesh
156 Km 15:44 15:45 1min Daily
Cumbum (CBM)
Andhra Pradesh
170 Km 15:58 16:00 2min Daily
Jaggambotla Krishnapuram (JBK)
Andhra Pradesh
176 Km 16:11 16:12 1min Daily
Somidevipalle (SDV)
Andhra Pradesh
188 Km 16:23 16:24 1min Daily
Gudimetta (GMA)
Andhra Pradesh
193 Km 16:30 16:31 1min Daily
Giddalur (GID)
Andhra Pradesh
200 Km 16:55 16:57 2min Daily
Kistamsettipali (KSTE)
Andhra Pradesh
206 Km 17:03 17:04 1min Daily
Diguvametta (DMT)
Andhra Pradesh
212 Km 17:29 17:30 1min Daily
Gazulapalli (GZL)
Andhra Pradesh
239 Km 18:09 18:10 1min Daily
Nandyal (NDL)
Andhra Pradesh
254 Km 19:00 19:05 5min Daily
Panyam (PNM)
Andhra Pradesh
268 Km 19:19 19:20 1min Daily
Krishnamakona (KEF)
Andhra Pradesh
279 Km 19:31 19:32 1min Daily
B Cement Nagar (BEY)
Andhra Pradesh
287 Km 19:54 19:55 1min Daily
Betamcherla (BMH)
Andhra Pradesh
294 Km 20:09 20:10 1min Daily
Rangapuram (RGM)
Andhra Pradesh
305 Km 20:24 20:25 1min Daily
Malkapuram (MLK)
Andhra Pradesh
317 Km 20:39 20:40 1min Daily
Dhone Junction (DHNE)
Andhra Pradesh
330 Km 21:25 Destination Daily

Guntur Junction to Dhone Junction - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 57328, Guntur - Dhone Passenger. This train operates between Guntur Junction and Dhone Junction. Map also shows all the stations where Guntur - Dhone Passenger stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Guntur Junction and Dhone Junction is 206 miles or 330 kilometers.

Route Map

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Train No. 57328, Guntur - Dhone Passenger GNT to DHNE

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