Given below is details about Train Number 12322, KOLKATA MAIL running between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Howrah Junction stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train No.12322, Kolkata Mail
Distance1351 miles / 2162 km
Run Time 1 Day(s) 14 Hour(s) 15 Mins
Avg. Speed57 kmph

Departure Days From Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Railway Station - Daily

The table below shows the time schedule of Kolkata Mail, Train number 12322. Timing of Kolkata Mail train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus

Station/Code Distance* Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT)
Origin NA 21:30 NA Daily
Dadar (Central) (DR)
8 Km 21:40 21:45 5min Daily
Kalyan (KYN)
53 Km 22:32 22:35 3min Daily
Kasara (KSRA)
120 Km 23:43 23:45 2min Daily
Igatpuri (IGP)
136 Km 00:15 00:20 5min Daily
Devlali (DVL)
181 Km 00:55 01:00 5min Daily
Nasik Road (NK)
187 Km 01:10 01:15 5min Daily
Manmad Junction (MMR)
260 Km 02:10 02:13 3min Daily
Chalisgaon Junction (CSN)
327 Km 02:58 03:00 2min Daily
Jalgaon Junction (JL)
419 Km 03:58 04:00 2min Daily
Bhusaval (BSL)
444 Km 04:30 04:40 10min Daily
Burhanpur (BAU)
Madhya Pradesh
498 Km 05:23 05:25 2min Daily
Nepanagar (NPNR)
Madhya Pradesh
525 Km 05:43 05:45 2min Daily
Khandwa (KNW)
Madhya Pradesh
567 Km 06:50 06:55 5min Daily
Harda (HD)
Madhya Pradesh
675 Km 08:03 08:05 2min Daily
Itarsi Junction (ET)
Madhya Pradesh
750 Km 09:30 09:40 10min Daily
Pipariya (PPI)
Madhya Pradesh
818 Km 10:31 10:33 2min Daily
Gadarwara (GAR)
Madhya Pradesh
867 Km 11:05 11:07 2min Daily
Kareli (KY)
Madhya Pradesh
896 Km 11:28 11:30 2min Daily
Narsinghpur (NU)
Madhya Pradesh
912 Km 11:45 11:47 2min Daily
Shridham (SRID)
Madhya Pradesh
942 Km 12:12 12:14 2min Daily
Jabalpur (JBP)
Madhya Pradesh
996 Km 13:10 13:20 10min Daily
Katni (KTE)
Madhya Pradesh
1086 Km 14:30 14:35 5min Daily
Maihar (MYR)
Madhya Pradesh
1149 Km 15:18 15:20 2min Daily
Satna (STA)
Madhya Pradesh
1185 Km 16:10 16:20 10min Daily
Manikpur Junction (MKP)
Uttar Pradesh
1262 Km 18:07 18:12 5min Daily
Shankargarh (SRJ)
Uttar Pradesh
1317 Km 18:51 18:53 2min Daily
Allahabd Chheoki (ACOI)
Uttar Pradesh
1360 Km 19:45 19:50 5min Daily
Vindhyachal (BDL)
Uttar Pradesh
1429 Km 20:56 20:58 2min Daily
Mirzapur (MZP)
Uttar Pradesh
1436 Km 21:10 21:15 5min Daily
Chunar (CAR)
Uttar Pradesh
1467 Km 21:56 21:58 2min Daily
Mughal Sarai Junction (MGS)
Uttar Pradesh
1500 Km 23:15 23:35 20min Daily
Bhabua Road (BBU)
1554 Km 00:11 00:12 1min Daily
Sasaram (SSM)
1601 Km 00:44 00:45 1min Daily
Dehri On Sone (DOS)
1619 Km 01:01 01:03 2min Daily
Anugraha N Road (AUBR)
1635 Km 01:16 01:17 1min Daily
Gaya Junction (GAYA)
1704 Km 02:20 02:25 5min Daily
Koderma (KQR)
1780 Km 03:48 03:50 2min Daily
Hazaribagh Road (HZD)
1829 Km 04:23 04:25 2min Daily
Parasnath (PNME)
1856 Km 04:48 04:53 5min Daily
Gomoh Junction (GMO)
1874 Km 05:20 05:30 10min Daily
Dhanbad Junction (DHN)
1903 Km 06:45 06:55 10min Daily
Barakar (BRR)
West Bengal
1944 Km 07:35 07:37 2min Daily
Asansol Junction (ASN)
West Bengal
1962 Km 08:15 08:30 15min Daily
Raniganj (RNG)
West Bengal
1980 Km 08:45 08:47 2min Daily
Durgapur (DGR)
West Bengal
2005 Km 09:10 09:14 4min Daily
Panagarh (PAN)
West Bengal
2020 Km 09:24 09:26 2min Daily
Barddhaman Junction (BWN)
West Bengal
2068 Km 10:12 10:17 5min Daily
Howrah Junction (HWH)
West Bengal
2162 Km 11:45 Destination Daily

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Howrah Junction - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 12322, Kolkata Mail. This train operates between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Howrah Junction. Map also shows all the stations where Kolkata Mail stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Howrah Junction is 1351 miles or 2162 kilometers.

Route Map

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Train No. 12322, Kolkata Mail CSMT to HWH

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