Given below is details about Train Number 54254, LUCKNOW PRAYAG PASSENGER running between Lucknow and Prayag stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train No.54254, Lucknow Prayag Passenger
Distance141 miles / 225 km
Run Time 7 Hour(s) 15 Mins
Avg. Speed31 kmph

Departure Days From Lucknow Railway Station - Daily

The table below shows the time schedule of Lucknow Prayag Passenger, Train number 54254. Timing of Lucknow Prayag Passenger train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Lucknow

Station/Code Distance* Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival
Lucknow (LKO)
Uttar Pradesh
Origin NA 04:50 NA Daily
Utrahtia (UTR)
Uttar Pradesh
12 Km 05:13 05:14 1min Daily
Mohanlalganj (MLJ)
Uttar Pradesh
20 Km 05:24 05:25 1min Daily
Kankaha (KKAH)
Uttar Pradesh
28 Km 05:33 05:34 1min Daily
Nigohan (NHN)
Uttar Pradesh
35 Km 05:42 05:43 1min Daily
Shrirajnagar (SAGR)
Uttar Pradesh
41 Km 05:51 05:52 1min Daily
Bachhrawan (BCN)
Uttar Pradesh
47 Km 05:59 06:00 1min Daily
Kuneanganj (KVG)
Uttar Pradesh
56 Km 06:09 06:10 1min Daily
Harchandpur (HCP)
Uttar Pradesh
62 Km 06:17 06:18 1min Daily
Gangaganj (GANG)
Uttar Pradesh
70 Km 06:27 06:28 1min Daily
Rae Bareli Junction (RBL)
Uttar Pradesh
77 Km 06:47 06:52 5min Daily
Rupamau (RUM)
Uttar Pradesh
86 Km 07:12 07:13 1min Daily
Fursatganj (FTG)
Uttar Pradesh
96 Km 07:26 07:27 1min Daily
Jais (JAIS)
Uttar Pradesh
106 Km 07:38 07:39 1min Daily
Kasimpur (KCJ)
Uttar Pradesh
109 Km 07:44 07:45 1min Daily
Bani (BANI)
Uttar Pradesh
116 Km 07:53 07:54 1min Daily
Gauriganj (GNG)
Uttar Pradesh
124 Km 08:04 08:05 1min Daily
Talakhajuri (TLKH)
Uttar Pradesh
130 Km 08:14 08:15 1min Daily
Amethi (AME)
Uttar Pradesh
137 Km 08:28 08:30 2min Daily
Misrauli (MFL)
Uttar Pradesh
144 Km 08:38 08:39 1min Daily
Sahajipur Halt (SHJP)
Uttar Pradesh
147 Km 08:45 08:46 1min Daily
Antu (ANTU)
Uttar Pradesh
152 Km 08:53 08:54 1min Daily
Jagesharganj (JGJ)
Uttar Pradesh
160 Km 09:02 09:03 1min Daily
Chilbila Junction (CIL)
Uttar Pradesh
169 Km 09:11 09:12 1min Daily
Partapgarh Junction (PBH)
Uttar Pradesh
172 Km 10:02 10:07 5min Daily
Bhupia Mau (VPO)
Uttar Pradesh
178 Km 10:16 10:17 1min Daily
Bishnathganj (BTJ)
Uttar Pradesh
187 Km 10:29 10:30 1min Daily
Dhirganj (DHRJ)
Uttar Pradesh
193 Km 10:39 10:40 1min Daily
Mau Aimma (MEM)
Uttar Pradesh
199 Km 10:49 10:50 1min Daily
Siwaith (SWE)
Uttar Pradesh
213 Km 11:14 11:15 1min Daily
Phaphamau Junction (PFM)
Uttar Pradesh
219 Km 11:23 11:24 1min Daily
Prayag (PRG)
Uttar Pradesh
225 Km 12:10 Destination Daily

Lucknow to Prayag - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 54254, Lucknow Prayag Passenger. This train operates between Lucknow and Prayag. Map also shows all the stations where Lucknow Prayag Passenger stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Lucknow and Prayag is 141 miles or 225 kilometers.

Route Map

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Train No. 54254, Lucknow Prayag Passenger LKO to PRG

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