What is Jet Lag?? What is the remedy for Jet Lag? How many hours or days will you be Jet Lagged in case of a trans-meridian air travel? Know more about jet lag, about jetlag remedy, light therapy and Melatonin usage.

Jet Lag Calculator

Use the Jet Lag calculator given below to find how much you will be jet lagged on a trip. Get free suggestions to reduce jet lag and determine the number of time zones crossed during air travel between two cities.

Jet Lag Calculator

What is jet lag?

People crossing 3 or more time zones during air travel often experience uneasiness due to the alteration of their body's circadian rhythm or their internal body clock. This condition is know an Jet Lag and someone who is going through this psychological condition is said to be Jet Lagged. Jet lag is a result of long distance trans-meridian travel, leaving the body clock out of synchronization with the destination time.

What are the Causes of Jet Lag and What are its symptoms

The main cause of Jet Lag is the crossing time zones. While crossing more than 3 or 4 time zones, the body starts experiencing daylight and darkness contrary to what it is used to. This sudden change upsets or desynchronizes the biological clock causing the psychological condition known as Jet Lag.

Symptoms of Jet Lag

The symptoms of Jet lag varies from person to person, as well as with the person's health, age, number of time zones crossed etc... However, some of the most common Jet Lag symptoms are Headaches, Fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, insomnia, Disorientation, grogginess, irritability, Mild depression, Constipation or diarrhea etc...

Jet Lag Remedy

Minimizing the effect of Jet lag is the best remedy for jet lag. By following few simple steps, the effect of Jet Lag can be reduced to a minimum.

Light Therapy - Light Therapy is an effective remedy against Jet lag. The timing and duration of light therapy depends on the direction of air travel as well as the number of time zones crossed.

Traveling West - No light therapy is necessary if you are crossing only 3 or less than 3 timezones. In case of west bound flight travel a person will be jet lagged by a day for the first 4 time zones crossed and an additional 1 day for every 3 timezones crossed there after.

While traveling west, light therapy is advised in the evening. Expose yourself to bright light in the evening.

Traveling East - If you are traveling east, one day's preparation is required if you are crossing 2 or 3 timezones. An extra day's preparation is necessary for every additional 2 timezones crossed.

If you are traveling east, expose yourself to bright light in the morning.

The Jet lag calculator and Jet lag remedies provided here are for information purpose only and should not be considered as an alternative to medical advice by professionals.