Timezone as per dictionary meaning is - 'Any of the 24 regions of the globe (loosely divided by longitude) throughout which the same standard time is used.' Different countries follow different time zones and this page will help you find out countries and their time zones and list of cities coming withing one timezone. Find timezones of various countries along with the current local time. For example, using the USA Timezone you can find the local time in various US Cities and also the time difference between US cities.

World Time Zone Clock • Current Time in Different Cities

Given below is the world timezone clock showing current time in 5 continents. Click a continent name to find time in 5 major cities located in that continent.

London Europe/London
09:41 PM
Paris Europe/Paris
10:41 PM
Istanbul Europe/Istanbul
11:41 PM
Zagreb Europe/Zagreb
10:41 PM
Moscow Europe/Moscow
11:41 PM
Kolkata Asia/Kolkata
02:11 AM
Karachi Asia/Karachi
01:41 AM
Singapore Asia/Singapore
04:41 AM
Tokyo Asia/Tokyo
05:41 AM
Dubai Asia/Dubai
12:41 AM
Johannesburg Africa/Johannesburg
10:41 PM
Dakar Africa/Dakar
08:41 PM
Kampala Africa/Kampala
11:41 PM
Freetown Africa/Freetown
08:41 PM
Algiers Africa/Algiers
09:41 PM
Sydney Australia/Sydney
06:41 AM
Adelaide Australia/Adelaide
06:11 AM
Brisbane Australia/Brisbane
06:41 AM
Perth Australia/Perth
04:41 AM
Auckland Pacific/Auckland
08:41 AM
New York America/New_York
04:41 PM
Adak America/Adak
11:41 AM
Mexico_City America/Mexico_City
03:41 PM
Chicago America/Chicago
03:41 PM
Los_Angeles America/Los_Angeles
01:41 PM

Find Local Time & Date in World Cities

Use the form below to enter a city name to find the current local time there.

Find Local Time & Date in World Cities
Kottayam, India Current time
02:11 AM, Fri, 28 Jul, 2017

Time Converter • Local Time in World Cities

Use the links below to find time and date information about various countries and cities around the world. Current local time in a particular city, time difference between two countries/cities, time zone information and day light saving (DST) and more...