Onam (Malayalam:ഓണം) is the largest festival in the Indian state of Kerala. It falls during the first month of the Malayalam calendar which is Chingam (August–September) and marks the homecoming of the legendary King Maveli. The festival lasts for ten days and is linked to many elements of Kerala's culture and tradition. Intricate flower carpets, elaborate banquet lunch, snake boat races, Puli Kali, and the Kaikottikkali dance all play a part in the festival. And it can be undoubtedly said that these elements constitute the diversity, richness and colorfulness that no other festival can claim in the world.

Third Onam 2019 was on September 12 Thursday

Third Onam festival dates between 2016 & 2026

2016Thursday, 15th of September
2017Tuesday, 5th of September
2018Sunday, 26th of August
2019Thursday, 12th of September
2020Tuesday, 1st of September
2021Sunday, 22nd of August
2022Friday, 9th of September
2023Wednesday, 30th of August
2024Monday, 16th of September
2025Saturday, 6th of September
2026Thursday, 27th of August
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