Saturn Transit in Pisces Image Source: Prokerala

Saturn Transit in Pisces

From its own houses of Capricorn and Aquarius, after a very long sojourn, Saturn is now going to cross the territory into the watery sign of Pisces. Saturn is a patriarchal, conservative, and authoritarian planet which is nicknamed the 'hard taskmaster' of the planetary world. Saturn is straightforward in its approach and brutally blunt. It teaches your life's most valuable lessons, which you will thank him for. But going through a Saturn transit is a nightmare as hyped by many astrologers. Truth of the matter is that Saturn is a tough teacher, helping you get a reality check on things that belong to the realm that falls under its surveillance during its transit. This is indeed a great time to introspect and to get things in order. It also helps to delve into spiritual matters through writing, dancing, or other creative pursuits.

This transit of Saturn into Pisces, which has Neptune in it, which is also the lord of the Pisces, is a challenging one. As Saturn creates boundaries and restrictions; Neptune brings deception, fogginess, and confusions. But Pisces is a dreamy sign, though its lord Neptune is highly spiritual. In general, the twelfth sign of the zodiac stands to gain with the saturnine influence. There will be controls in the Neptunian matters, including occult and spirituality, as with the laws related to the sales of psychedelic substances. The Saturn brings in control and reforms over the sign it transits and settles the chaos associated with the house.

Saturn Transit in Pisces is from March 7th 2023 to the boundless realms of the fish sign, according to the Western astrology. It will remain there till February 2026. Let us try to see how this Saturn Transit in Pisces will treat you, given that Saturn stands for permanence and Pisces- the mutable sign -denotes the ever flowing nature.


Saturn is saying goodbye to your eleventh house, where you were concentrating on your income as well as networks, and now readying itself to explore your twelfth house. You may find yourself slowing down to some amount of aloofness, allowing you to introspect. This is an ideal time to get creative and let your imagination run wild. You may be frugal about your money and tend to socialise less for fear of spending more. You may work during the night time. You may have problems with your sleep. Your work may interfere with your sex life. Your father may need some hospitalization, hence be careful about his health. You may isolate yourself and learn a lesson or two about spirituality and transcendence.


Saturn passes over the eleventh house in this transit of Saturn in Pisces. You may find yourself aligning to new goals and career goals. You may find that your dynamics with people have changed and you will develop a more practical and responsible approach towards networks. You will think about how to make money. You will find yourself achieving your financial targets through sheer hard work. You may find your soulmate and settle down during this time. You may be able to manage and control losses. This may be a great time to make investments.


During this transit of Saturn in Pisces, the Saturn moves to the tenth house for Gemini. Great time for you, in short. You will get your career ambitions fulfilled one by one. Your hard work will be recognised. You will improve your skills and work hard. Students aspiring to get into foreign universities for higher studies are going to study hard and come out with flying colors. You will be more methodical in your workplace. You may help out your spouse in almost everything. You may be more than willing to run domestic errands.


Saturn will get to your ninth house of fortune during this transit of Saturn in Pisces. You may question spirituality and the practicality of many spiritual practices. You may study about spirituality deeply. You may travel abroad during this time. You will adopt a systematic approach while dealing with your superiors. Students may get loans to continue with their studies. You can get into higher studies as time favours studies this time. You will be able to sit and study for long hours.


Your expenses will be minimized during this transit of Saturn in Pisces. But you may face issues with inheritance and family money. As Saturn is going through your eighth house of transformation, you may encounter intimacy issues. You may need to address your inner self in terms of sexuality. You may need to do some real checking on your expenses part. You will go through some losses due to someone else's actions. You will work harder and it will help you gain more confidence. You may exercise control over your speech.


Saturn moves to the seventh house with this transit of Saturn in Pisces for Virgo. The seventh house is about your spouse and partnerships. Saturn will bring yourself to becoming more real in your feelings. You will make yourself a responsible person when it comes to relationships. You will help out your partners and work towards joint progress.


The transit of Saturn in Pisces will bring your Saturn to the sixth house. You will find yourself super busy. You may become more disciplined to handle the workload. You will work towards your health and invest a lot of energy in humanitarian work. You will think twice before you jump into anything. You may do volunteering at hospitals and foster homes. You will become more articulate in your communications. If you are planning to write a book, now is the time! You will be able to finally sit down and concentrate on finishing your projects.


Saturn moves to your fifth house of creativity and kids during this transit of Saturn in Pisces. You may feel more responsible towards your kids. As for the creativity part, you may find yourself feeling overly critical about your work and get demotivated. You may also set up a routine so that you can follow your passion and interests in a time bound manner. You may take your spouse very seriously and behave in a detached manner. You need to be careful about this. Marriage should have its share of fun as well. If unmarried, you may develop some irrational expectations about your better half. You may opt not to go ahead with the feelings towards your crush. You may spend quality time with your friends.


Saturn Transit in Pisces will bring Saturn to your fourth house. This may be a challenging time when you may have to take responsibilities at home. You may need to take care of your mother. You may feel that your home is restricting and you need to discipline yourself to handle things at home. You will get to face harsh realities at the home front, which you may have to give some serious thoughts to. You may have to discipline yourself to strike a work-home balance. You may be worried about your lack of comforts and will work hard towards achieving your goals.


You may have issues with neighbours during this time. You need to be strong and rightful in order to deal with the situation. This transit of Saturn in Pisces is in your third house. You may filter out communications reaching you. You will talk less and communicate responsibly. Saturn may make you re-evaluate your communication patterns and make you more mindful of your communications. You will sound more reserved in your speech. You may sound a little emotionally unavailable to your lover. Be careful, Capricorn! You will tend to spend more time alone as well.


This transit of Saturn in Pisces is in the second house for Aquarius. You may become more disciplined and reserved in your way of speaking. You will speak with a sense of justice that will reflect your personal values. You will become more mindful of your assets and values. You will work hard towards living up to your ideals. You will finally ask for the raise you have been deserving for a very long time. You will start investing periodically in some scheme.


This transit of Saturn in Pisces is going to bring you some realisations. You will do a lot of soul searching and reality checks. You will ponder over the rationality behind spiritual practices. You will try to learn more about it. You will work hard and get into an institution of higher education. You will become a little under confident during this phase though. Your neighbours or siblings may cause you troubles which may cost your peace of mind. You will do a lot of thinking while you should actually be sleeping. Take care of your health and attitude towards self criticism.

Saturn transit is going to be a long one. It will bring you the lessons which you will be able to personalise and preach to others. You should conduct yourself in a responsible fashion and you will have nothing to be afraid of! So, three cheers to Saturn!!!