Pregnancy with all its weal and woe is definitely one of the most important happenings of your life. Motherhood with all its anticipated fascinations can be pretty much enlivening. But as you find yourself on the threshold of motherhood; bare minimum knowledge of some of its fundamentals might come in handy. In case, you are curious to find out more about due date of delivery and rate of development of the growing fetus; knowledge of pregnancy wheel and pregnancy calendar will come in handy.

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Know about Pregnancy wheel

  • There are different variations guiding the relevant calculations of pregnancy. Pregnancy wheel is one of the variations.
  • In case, you are keen on acquainting yourself with the important landmarks of pregnancy, you can do so by means of pregnancy wheel.
  • First and foremost, it helps you ascertain the expected date of delivery, it is commonly used by health care facilitators to help determine due date of pregnancy.
  • But besides having to know about the due date, pregnancy wheel can help you out with a wide range of important happenings during the course of pregnancy.
  • The issues of fetal movement and the time opportune for the same can be guided by means of pregnancy wheel.
  • Similarly, the scheduling of antenatal checks, time to go for heartbeat checks and ultrasound viewing can be similarly made with the help of pregnancy wheels.
  • To sum it all up, it guides you through the entire spell of gestation, helping you earmark its spells of importance.

How to use Pregnancy wheel:

  • It basically comes in the shape of a circular wheel.
  • From the point of locus, there are seven spokes of varying dimension.
  • Different spokes include gradation of varying types; for instance the outermost ring includes monthly gradation, there are gradations to chart out varying stages of antenatal development with focus on screening and other prenatal tests including amniocentesis.
  • Monthly gradation includes the vitally relevant element of last menstrual period with a focus on the likely date of conception.
  • There are avenues for focusing on the elements of genetic risks as well.
  • Keeping in mind the purpose of calculation, you need to turn it clockwise or the other way round to arrive at the point of result.
  • Thus according to the date of the last menstrual period, your results will vary. For instance, if you want to find out as the likely date marking the completion of the first trimester and beginning of the next, you can do so by way of pregnancy wheel.

Tracking fetal development with Pregnancy Calendar

  • In case, you are eager to track the anticipated rate of fetal development, you can do so by means of pregnancy calendar.
  • You can avail of pregnancy calendars set out on weekly basis.
  • Besides helping you out with the relevant rate or frequency of development, pregnancy calendars also guide you through a useful mesh of information.
  • Consequently, you will come to know the physiological changes you are likely to expect at different phases of pregnancy, the ways whereby you can add to your health alongside of the developing fetus.
  • It outlines the relevance of antenatal care and tips how to go about the same.
  • In this way pregnancy calendars provide for an effective management of pregnancy.

What is Pregnancy calendar

  • Pregnancy calendar outlines a series of pictures/ diagrammatic representations unraveling the different stages of fetal development.
  • Bearing in mind the week you are into, you can also come across photographical representations as revealed by ultrasound.
  • There are comparisons outlined as well, helping you gain an approximate idea as to the measurement of the developing fetus.
  • In fact, by means of the web facilitated avenues, you can even have a pregnancy calendar customized to your need.

Uses of Pregnancy calendar

  • As one of the trusted guides accompanying you through those wonderful days of pregnancy, you can gain an insight into the expected gain of weight, anticipated time of quickening and ways to measure out the kick chart.
  • Even if you choose to refer to a standardized pregnancy calendar without having the personalized customization, you can get a fairly accurate insight into the relevant pregnancy milestones.
  • For instance, you can come to know that fetal movement can be felt around the 18th to 20th weeks of pregnancy and that its viability is likely around the 24th week of development.
  • Similar to that of the pregnancy wheel, pregnancy calendar can help you locate the requisite time for ultrasound screening, glucose screening, triple screening and expected date of delivery.
  • On the standpoint of your LMP, you can also figure out the possible date of fertilization and onset of the fetus's heartbeat for the purpose of self awareness.