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Kale, beetroot: Nutritious ingredients for healthy food

New Delhi , April 20

With people becoming more health conscious, several restaurants have started introducing dishes with healthy ingredients like kale, beetroot and quinoa. These dishes offer wholesome goodness as it is not just good on nutrient value but also on taste, say experts.

Times are changing and ideas for economic growth need to keep up

New Delhi All economies want to produce more within national borders. This urge arises from the popular belief that manufacturing is a good source of jobs for low-skilled workers. President Donald Trump's fixation with bringing back jobs to American factory floors by any means necessary is merely an extension of the same age-old fetish for manufacturing.

Will social media replace traditional media as democracy's fourth pillar?

New Delhi The increasing polarisation among media in India -- and perhaps across the world -- has led to an unprecedented trust deficit in everyday news. What was once regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy today finds itself under the scrutiny of citizens as tainted news published with self-securing motives are an everyday occurence in our times.

Willing to talk to top Maoist leadership: Chhattisgarh CM

Raipur , April 18
Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh.(File Photo: IANS)
Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh, who has been battling left-wing extremists in the state for the last 15 years, says he is ready to talk to Maoists -- but only if their top leadership comes to the table.

(IANS Interview)

New Delhi , April 18
Kapil SharmaKapil Sharma
He was the reason behind spreading smiles galore with his comedy shows. But of late, controversies surrounding his temperament, love life and uncertainty around his show have engulfed the life of 'comedy king' Kapil Sharma.