With the festive season just around the corner, many are planning a vacation to embrace the joyous spirit and discover the festive cities; but it will pose a stumbling block for expectant mothers.

Extra care is required when a woman is pregnant as she has another life growing inside her. It is recommended to cancel or take the journey at a later date unless the trip is really urgent and essential. For situations where there is no way out, we have listed some tips that may be helpful for your travel.

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Follow the simple steps given below to make the train travel safe for you and your baby and to ace your journey during pregnancy:

1. Prepare Yourself:

Travelling requires preparation and this holds more important when you have a child within. Start packing early. Pack everything from clothes, towels and medications and even any other essentials that you may require while you travel. Ensure that you have all the stuff required to curb the morning sickness during the travel. Anything from carrying anti-nausea stuff to packing pair of mints or that beauty soap in your handbag will be effective.

2. Pillow for a Comfier journey:

Train seats may not be comfortable and you may struggle to get a good night's sleep. To avoid this situation, carry few supportive pillows for a comfortable home like sleep.

3. Pack Home-made food:

Munch on fruits and homemade snacks during your journey and avoid the packaged food available in the train or train stations.

4. Carry Medications:

Carry all your medications with you in your handbag. It is also a good idea to carry your own filtered drinking water.

5. Charge you gadgets:

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you leave home. Don't forget to carry an extra battery in case ypur battery gets drained during the journey.

6. Arrive Early:

Reaching before time will help you settle down comfortably. Rushing things at the last minute could be stressful and you may hurt yourself in all the hurry. 

7. Avoid lifting heavy stuff:

Carrying heavy load is the last thing you would want during pregnancy. Always get help by hiring a porter or maybe ask your hubby dear to accompany you to get your luggage on board. 

8. Board and Alight Carefully:

Be Extra cautious as you board and alight especially on the footboard. 

9. Opt for Lower berth 

If you are traveling by train during pregnancy, lower berths may be just your comfort zone as it helps you to move easily without much effort but also takes away the risk of falling down from the top or middle seats. Reserve your seat early to get your preferred seat or take help of railway officer on duty/on-board to get an altenative convenient seat. Swaping your seats with your fellow passengers. 

10. Practice Sensible Travel:

Don’t try to board a moving train. Avoid getting down at the halts. Be extra careful while walking over the  the over-bridge stairs.

 11. Flex and Move around:

Flex and move around in the train alley or corridor to relax sore muscles. Try some sitting exercises like wiggle your toes, rotate your ankles and gently flex your calf muscles while holding on to the rails or seat backs for support. 

12. Visiting Toilet:

Maintain your balance with the train’s rocking movement especially in the bathroom. Look for some support along the door windows or the door handle as the door of train toilets are usually very heavy and tend to bounce back when the train is in motion. Also, wash your hands with a hand sanitiser after visiting a bathroom.

13. No to caffeinated drinks during travel :

Avoid caffeinated beverages that may force you to use the toilet often and  as a result of which you may get dehydrated soon. Better to sip in small amount of fruit juices in short intervals.

14. Drink More Water! 

You need to stay hydrated for healthy pregnancy. Drink water regularly to avoid dehydration during pregnancy. Take water bottles from your home while traveling in train.

15. Avoid traveling alone:  Ask someone to accompany you during the journey.

Train oscillation motions are considered best both for the mother and the child within. Considering the fact that pregnancy is different in each women, it is recommended to consult your doctor and get the right advice tailored to meet your needs, before getting on your voyage!