1.Teenagers who become pregnant escalates the risk of further teen pregnancies

There is an alarming situation in England and Wales where nearly a quarter of teenagers who have had an abortion have been pregnant before, according to new research from the University of East Anglia. The research found that the number of young women aged 15-19 undergoing an abortion who had experienced at least one previous pregnancy, resulting in either a birth or abortion.

One of the lead researcher Lisa McDaid of the School of Health Sciences concluded that the teenage years are a unique time where a number of different changes and challenges are faced and an in-depth work to explore teenagers' experiences of subsequent pregnancies and the factors that influence their sexual and contraceptive behaviours is needed to increase understanding of the complexities of the issues involved. 

2.Teen moms at higher risks of having premature babies

Pregnant teens aged 14-17 years possess a higher risk of preterm birth and having a child with low birth weight, especially if they are having their second child. Better health education and the promotion of contraception after a teenager has given birth for the first time will be a vital solution, as per the researchers.

Lead scientist Professor Kenny, a Health Research Board clinician scientist at Cork University Maternity Hospital came to the conclusion that the results highlight the importance of ensuring pregnant teenagers have appropriate antenatal care and a vital component of this care is post-natal contraception to prevent a second teenage pregnancy with potentially higher risks of adverse outcomes. 

Since first pregnancy may be the first and only time a pregnant teenager gets in touch with health services and this opportunity should not be overlooked, the researchers adds and further suggests that the increased risk of poor pregnancy outcome is related to biological immaturity. The research concludes that the increased risk of poor pregnancy outcome in the second teenage pregnancy is related to numerous complicating factors such as greater social deprivation and less prenatal care.

3. Pregnant teens addicted to alcohol and drugs

Alcohol consumption is generally harmful to all but consuming alcohol during pregnancy can have many ill-effects. A new research from The University of Texas at Austin found out that many teenagers, especially younger teens, are not aware of the risks of using alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy but with the involvement of parents and engaging academically will help counter the negative effects.

The researcher found that the odds of substance use were roughly 50 percent lower among pregnant teens reporting consistent parental support and limit-setting, as well as those who expressed strong positive feelings about going to school and this further suggests that it makes sense to engage both parents and teachers in efforts to address substance use among pregnant teens.

4. Teenage pregnancy result in abortion, with support from parents

Pregnant teens mostly turn to parents and adults who are involved in their lives and who will offer support, regardless of her pregnancy decision. Young women don't talk with parents who are less involved or keep away from seeking care, as per a recent study from the Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research at the University of Chicago.

 One of the strongest findings of the study is that the young women did not involve either parent and most were concerned that one or both parents would directly interfere with their decision to get an abortion.

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