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Kids should play outside more !!

There used to be a time where kids would cry and beg their parents to go outside and play. And even if parents let the kids out, they’d still be crying to stay outside a little longer. A time when it meant the world to the kids to be playing games with his/her friends. Best of all were the summer-long vacations where kids would be spending probably half the day outside their homes. With sports, hid and seek games, chase, and run games and even the little fights and arguments, all of which was compromised with a few junk food snacks. Those were the good days.

But are today’s kids playing outside more like their previous generation counterparts? Or are today’s kids relying more on internet and mobile phone technology? Well, there is nothing to be alarmed about, but fact remains that kids who play outside and socialize with their friends may be able to perform a lot better in lives than kids who hardly go outside at all.

Kids who play outside more can reduce early obesity!!

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Kids who play outside more can reduce early obesity!!

While some parents out there may think that a few snacks could never hurt their child, the question remains of what would really happen to the child if he/she spends most of the day consuming all these junk food at one go. Worse, if the kid hardly even engages in any kind of a recreational form of sport/activity.

Eventually, all that snack consumption is bound to add in the extra weight and even before the parents know it, the child would already fallen into the obese category. Well its never too late. Instructing kids to engage in outdoor activities with their friends will help remove all that extra weight in them within no time.

Researchers have proposed that strategies to promote physical activity and reducing screen time should give more preference to playing actively outdoors, something that could kids could probably even do for 365 days a year.

According to one researcher, the amount of time kids spend in front of their mobile phone screens could have an impact on their health even after several years. The popularity of computer games, along with the introduction of the internet, social media websites and even smartphone technology have played a major role in contributing to this problem.

Outdoor play can actually benefit kids in helping them to develop socially and emotionally. At the same time, other benefits include -

    • Improving physical activity
    • Improving Academic attainment
    • Reducing Obesity

The study was carried out by professor John Reilly, of Strathclyde’s School of Psychological Sciences and Health.

Kids who play more outside are likely to protect nature when they become adults !!

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Kids who play more outside are likely to protect nature when they become adults !!

Protecting and nurturing the environment can be done at a very tender age. And the earlier kids start the better. Children should learn that nature doesn’t magically look so green and beautiful. And while we may not have to do much in maintaining that evergreen beauty, the least we could do s to harm or destroy. Just to fulfill our daily needs.

Cos now researchers have found that parents can teach their kids about protecting the environment by doing something as easy as telling them to go outside and play. According to one researcher, developing positive experiences in nature at a young age can influence children’s attitudes and behaviors towards nature once they reach adulthood. And it is important that kids study these little childhood experiences in order to develop environmental awareness and action in the next generation.

Schools and early childhood classroom activities should connect positive experiences in nature with mindful learning and reflection. Sooner or later this could then empower students to take a personal role I protecting the environment by -

    • Recycling things
    • Switching off the lights
    • Using alternative transportation methods

Children need to learn and also have a conscious understanding that the decisions we make each day is going to affect the environment either in a good way or a bad way. Children should know that nature can last only if we take up the right measure of preserving it. And that even something as small as planting a seed that eventually grows into a tree, doesn’t just benefit them but can benefit a whole community through this deed.

The study was carried out Catherine Broom from the University of British Columbia.

Playing outside can also make kids more spiritual !!

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Playing outside can also make kids more spiritual !!

While kids may not have the time to look at things spiritually cos they’re probably busy planning on other things on their to-do list, like getting a new phone or looking for the latest game trailers on the internet or maybe even hanging out with their friends at the mall. But the truth is spending a little time outside can actually create a sense of connection with nature. The hardest part is just convincing kids to get outside the house.

Researchers have found that kids who play outside for at least five to ten hours per week felt two things -

    • Kids had felt a kind of spiritual connection with nature
    • Kids also felt that they had some kind of moral obligation to protect nature.

According to one researcher, children who spent more time outside displayed the following characteristics -

    • Kids expressed certain feelings of peacefulness.
    • Kids somehow believed that a higher unseen power had created the natural world.
    • They also felt awestruck and amazed.
    • They felt humbles by looking at nature’s mighty power.
    • They felt much happier than they used to.
    • They felt a sense of belonging with nature.

Researchers also found that kids started even developing aesthetic values the more they spent time outside on a regular basis. These included kids who had a deep appreciation for -

    • Beauty like balance, symmetry, and color
    • Order and wonder like curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

For example, kids start developing a keen interest in observing all the tiny details like looking at lush green bushes, blue spots in water and even a fascination by looking at bees nests.

But what was really the thing that let kids connect to nature?

According to one researcher, the things that captivated kids by looking at nature were the following unique features -

    • The diverse display of colors.
    • Sights and sounds.
    • Uncertainty
    • Multisensory qualities
    • Aliveness

The study was carried out by Gretel Van Warren assistant professor of religious studies and co-researcher Stephen Kellert.

Book and Phones aside, it’s time to play outside !!

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Book and Phones aside, it’s time to play outside !!

Reading books is a great thing, and playing always like literally “24×7 always” on the phone isn’t a really good thing. Tell kids to go outside and play, even if it is a simple walk, and no we aren’t talking about walking in the comfort of your treadmill at home. Literally, go for a walk outside.!! There is so much to see and explore and even so much to know about the outside world.

Make friends, greet people, maybe even have a snack or two outside. All that fresh air is free, get in all that air as much as you can take. It will even do good for your body and health. Try not using the phone as much as possible cs it’ll just ruin the whole concept of spending time outside.

Try it, I’m sure the experience will be worth it.