Kids love to have a pet at home; whether a puppy, kitten, love birds or gold fish, children like to look at them and look after them. Having a pet at home helps kids in several ways. Studies say that a pet help kids to learn to accomplish duties and growing more responsible and affectionate. It is a good idea to buy a pet for your children. But parents need to be cautious to select the best and safest animal for children. Certain pets erect dangers for health and life of kids. A pet for the infants may not be the best one for school going kids. If selected a pet, considering all these aspects of mental and physical growth of children, they will make great companions of children.

It is a common misunderstanding that pets of elders may suit for children too. But many of the common household pets are too large to handle for kids. They need affectionate and quite pets. Untamed dogs, bigger cats, rats etc... are not very much appreciated pets for kids. They may hurt the kids while playing with them. Let us see the basic aspects to be concerned while selecting a pet for kids.

Safety is the prime concern

Physical safety of children is to be the main concern while buying a pet for children. Kids may argue for particular pets but the one which may not endanger the health of kids may be selected. Children may disturb pets when they are sleeping or eating; this may irritate the pet and if you buy aggressive pets they may react by biting or scaring kids. Teaching the basics of pet care is essential same as buying best pets. Long haired animals are big no as the falling hair may case diseases and infections for kids. When there are infants and kids at home, the household pets should be kept clean always. Many of the pet's infections may spread to kids also. Always prefer pets which can be cleaned easily.

Few of the recommended pets for kids

Puppies are good pets for children; buy tamed and trained puppies only. Puppies are most playful animals, thus they may entertain the lids a lot. Puppies are very easy to look after and feed too. Another interesting pet for children is gold fishes. Keeping one or two gold fishes in a small crystal globe in children's room may make them happier. Teach them how to look after the fish and how to feed them. Small birds like lovebirds are cute and preferred pets for kids, but they are not as playful and active as puppies of kittens. Needles to say, kittens make great pets for children. Kittens could be left in children's room as they generally will not make much disturbances and harms to kids.

In certain countries keeping wild animals like pythons, crocodiles, monkeys etc., are allowed by the law. But such exotic pets are never suitable for kids. First of all they are difficult animals to be tamed and trained and if lost the temper, such animals may attack the child and endanger the life itself. Smaller pets like guinea peg and rats are also not very much suggested as they are carriers of several infections and diseases.

Training kids to handle the pets

Giving the basic training for kids to handle the pets safely is equally important as buying them a pet of their wish. Proper dealing makes pets good companions for children. Teach them to love the pets and ways of taking care of their basic needs like shelter and food. Ask them not to disturb when the pet is sleeping or eating. When disturbed the animals may react in highly unwanted ways and frighten the child. Tell them to not play with a pet which is angry. Kids may try to put hands between the jaws of a dog or cat.

A bite of pets may endanger the health of the child, how clean and tamed the pet may be. Tell kids that pets are also living creatures just like human beings and they also experience anger, pain and frustration. This may help kids do not hurt the pets even in play. Frightening the pets is a big mistake many kids do. Most of the animals attack when they are frightened. It is important to train your kids to wash the hands before and after playing with pets. This will render great help in preventing the possible transfer of bacteria and infectious microorganisms.


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