Can same sex couples be effective parents? It is a question that arises at the changing situations and practices of same sex marriages and parenting. The word parents flashes the generally accepted and practiced idea of a male father and female mother. But what if same sex partners adopt a baby and grow as their son or daughter. The baby may have either two fathers or two mothers. In this context it is appropriate to analyze if brought up by same sex parents will the child lack mental or emotional growth. In several countries lesbian marriages and gay marriages are made permissible by the law. It is quite natural that such same sex couples long for a child an adopt children. Let us see how the children are affected when brought up by same sex parents.

Psychologists stay united to declare the fact that gender doesn't matter when parenting is concerned. If brought up by male parents, female parents or male and female parents. Children are not affected with gender of the parents. It is the society and the widely held practices that infuse the idea of male father and female mother into people. What all goes against this tradition is concerned weird and abnormal. A child recognizes father and mother only when parents train the baby to call them so; otherwise they are just two human beings for him or her. Kids brought up by same sex parents may face only one issue that they may not have a father and mother, but it doesn't mean that they lack in love, care, concern and comforts.

It is not the gender of parents but the quality of parenting is important and what counts. Older kids who have lived under male and female parents may feel difficult to adjust with same sex parents. But infants may not even bother about the gender of the parents. Same sex families are found to be more stable and healthy in relationships when it comes to mixed sex families. A common family of husband and wife struggles to move on by adjusting the male female differences. But same sex parents can understand each other very well and can live a much stable and jovial life. The causes of arguments and scope of disagreements will be less in same sex families. Kids being brought up in such peaceful and loving atmospheres may grow mature faster.

Lesbian and gay parents claim that it is not sex or gender that makes a family, but love. The child may suffer social issues as the system of the society designed for families with husband and wife. In school, in personal documents, in certificates... everywhere the child has to admit his/her fatherless or motherless status. Apart from that no bulging issues exist, in fact. It is not the word used to call the parents or the concepts that helps a baby to grow happy and mature, but the approach, treatments and expertise of the people who grow them. Same sex parents can very well perform all the duties of parents.

In older times a family without a father and mother was even out of the imaginations. There were designated roles for both father and mother to play in the family. Male fathers were responsible of the protection of the family and mother cared the kids and performed the cooking. Thus a family without a male father or without a female mother was considered incomplete. But today, the society has gone much beyond the concepts and traditional practices. In the modern world both the couples in a family perform equal roles and hold equal roles. Thus it doesn't make a difference to the kids if they are brought under same sex parents of multi-sex parents.


 Same Sex Parents and effectiveness of homosexual parenting. Article about Gay parenting, Lesbian parents and its effects on kids.