Deepa is no novice to writing. She is a bibliophile and loves reading and researching across genres. Kids, parenting, health, art, and fashion are topics close to her heart. As a millennial parent, she is not shy to share her experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Having lived and traveled across continents, she is a quintessential foodie with a hidden agenda to sneak in essential nutrients into her cooking. So, is she a food blogger? Not quite there yet, but definitely a food enthusiast. In her spare time, she loves to doodle, paint and play make-believe with her tot. An aesthete she believes there is beauty in words, and the right mix of words can make any insipid article more vibrant. Having former expertise writing for blogs, academic and professional circles, Prokerala is her latest writing feat.


Food talks: The very stressful art of feeding children

10 October 2018

For those parents who have fuzzy eaters at home, fixing a meal and making sure it reaches their tummy sure is a headache. To finish what is on the plate, parents resort to a lot of shortcuts. But are

Have you had the sex-talk with your child?

05 October 2018

If given a choice between doing household chores and having ‘the talk’, most parents will choose the former. Here is why parents must talk about sex to their children

Juggling work, life and kids - Made easy!

01 October 2018

Have you ever wondered how your job impacts your kids? The changing deadlines, work-shifts and even the stress can affect your child's well-being.

Bollywood divas who have a heart of gold

25 September 2018

From women's rights to LGBT rights, from treating cancer patients to caring for widows and children born with cleft palate, these women are up to some serious charitable work. Take a look!

Celebrity looks at Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations 2018

17 September 2018

Ganesh Chaturthi is a much-loved festival for all. Be it Bollywood's glamorous divas to the newcomers. This year was no different. Some went for celebrations at home, others had it at their residences

Styling / Makeup tips to beat the heat!

11 September 2018

Come summer months and tan, acne and dandruff are here! In monsoon, smudgy eyes and runny makeup is a problem for many. Here are some make-up/styling tips to breeze our way through the summer monsoon