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Mouthwatering snacks to spice-up your tea-time

28 April 2018

Tea can bring you a lot closer to home even when you are halfway across the globe. Tea in itself is lovely and refreshing. But a tea-time snack to go with your cuppa is the real deal! Here we have som

Antioxidants-all that you need to know

27 April 2018

We all know that what is yummy for the taste buds are not necessarily healthy, cue - fried foods, processed food, and sugary drinks. Do you want to age slower and fight diseases effectively? If the an

Migraine - A peek into the latest research findings

19 April 2018

A migraine is not just a bad headache, it is a complex neurological disorder. For long, all that was prescribed to treat migraines were painkillers and to lie down in a dark room until it passes. You

The ABC's of cow's milk and its substitutes

18 April 2018

We know that full fat is fattening and skim is for those who want to stay slim. But how much of that is actually true? Let’s take a look at the difference and ask ourselves if we should stay with ou

Tai chi benefits for holistic well-being

16 April 2018

How do people manage their aches, stress and insomnia? Many use ice-packs, some use hot compresses, others pop pills. But there are a few others who resorted to Tai chi and they have found relief. Rea

Get a move on - Fun ways to stay fit and healthy!

06 April 2018

Physical activity is paramount for the holistic well-being of a person. It is not just aerobics, gym or the yoga that can help you stay fit. Read more to learn about other fun ways to stay fit and hea

Must see tattoos from around the globe

04 April 2018

Tattoos have become an important part of people's identity. For some it is even an obsession. Let's take a look at some interesting tattoos.

Padma award winners of 2018

04 April 2018

From Pankaj Advani receiving his second Padma awards to 99-year-old grandma, V. Nanammal who does yoga, the list of awardees was certainly impressive. Here are the who's who of Padma awards 2018.

Don't just sit there, get a move on!

02 April 2018

It is easy to add fitness gear to the online shopping cart. But it takes a lot of determination and courage to stick to an exercise regime. Read more about the benefits of exercise.

Fish oil - a treasure trove of health benefits

26 March 2018

Fish oil - as smelly as it may be, it is an excellent way to enrich your body with omega -3 fatty acids. It is not only beneficial for children and adults, it can also be beneficial for the unborn bab

Why breakfast matters

23 March 2018

Eating breakfast is more beneficial than you think. It helps prevent obesity, type-2 diabetes and boosts healthy bacteria.