A coupe is a particular type of car having a closed style body. It may have a permanent fixed roof or can have a retractable roof. The definition and style of a coupe keeps varying and depends upon the manufacturer. Although, most coupes have two doors, coupes having four doors can also be spotted. The main focus of a coupe is on enhancing style and providing top luxurious facilities to the passengers.

The production of a coupe started way back in the 19th century when it was just a carriage that had four wheels and was drawn by horses. It had a seat behind the drivers for two passengers, located in a separate box outside. It sometimes had a glass window in the front of the compartment, where the passengers sat. There were coupe-de-villes, which were special coupes with no roof over the head of the driver. Some coupes even had a top which could be folded.

Over the years, the coupe has gradually changed in style and form and presently there are various types of modern day gas powered coupes that can be seen in the market. Generally, the cars whose rear seats are slightly pushed towards the front and the front seats are pushed towards the back, are termed as coupes. The rear space of the coupe is extremely small. There are generally two windows on each side and an opening at its rear.

During the 1920’s the types of coupe that were found in the market were Coupelets, Convertible Coupes and Coupe. Of these, the first and the second type had tops that were retractable.

The coupes that are found today stand more as a stylish statement from the manufacturers and less as a designed vehicle and technical unit. Some manufacturers even provide a sporty look to certain coupes. The common types of coupe in the market are:

  1. Luxury Coupe
  2. Convertible Coupe
  3. Sports Coupe (or Roadster)