A sedan can be described as a car that is divided into three segments- there is a separate hood in the front that would cover the engine, a coach in the middle, and a separate trunk in the back. The car would be projecting out on both the ends. Sedans are usually four door cars. It can seat around four people.

There are different types of sedans available as well. Here are some of the most important types of sedans:

Compact Sedans : A compact sedan, simply put, will be a sedan car that is smaller than average size. The compact sedan will have all the qualities of a sedan- it will have four doors, a separate elongated trunk in the back and a separate hood in the front; but it will be smaller and more compact in size.

Mid sized Sedans : A mid size sedan is also known as an intermediate. They are usually slightly bigger than compact sedans. Mid size sedans are four door cars used for family purposes. This is an intermediate size of sedan that is it is quite convenient to handle and is also good looking.

Premium Sedans : A premium sedan is a car that is more luxurious than a compact or a mid-sized sedan, but is less luxurious than a luxury sedan. They are the water downed versions of the luxury class sedans. A premium sedan would have some luxury features, but just not as many as its luxury counterpart.

Luxury Sedans : Luxury sedans, as the name implies, are sedans that belong to the higher segment and provide a lot of luxurious facilities as well. There are three types of luxury sedans:

  1. Entry level luxury sedans
  2. Mid-level luxury sedans
  3. High- end luxury sedans

Super Luxury Sedans : Super Luxury sedan cars are the cars that are made for the super- rich and the super elite. These are the best of the cars- the ones that change the automobile industry and the face of technology. These are the ultra luxury cars that are aimed at the richest segment of the population. While brands such as Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW have super luxury cars, brands such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach, etc. focus only on this segment of car manufacturing.

Sedans are one of the most popular types of cars and they are manufactured by almost all the car manufacturing brands on the planet.