A Sport utility vehicle is a large car with high passenger carrying capacity- it looks like a station wagon, can carry as many passengers as a minivan. It is bigger than a sedan, can carry more passengers and more luggages as well. Most SUVs are really strong and they are associated with off- road driving, due to their rigid body and size. They are usually four- wheel drives.

A sports utility vehicle usually consumes more fuel than sedans or hatchbacks. In countries like the US, there was a lot of speculation and criticism about the amount of emissions released by these SUVs. Despite the growing cost of fuel, the sale of SUVs increased in 2010. The difference between the body style of an SUV and a station wagon is the fact that the SUV will not have a separate, dedicated hood.

The Jeep Cherokee and the Land Rover were among the oldest SUVs- these were the predecessors that set the standard for the rest of them as well. These cars are not just used to get around within cities or intercity rides- a majority of them can be used for off-road purposes as well. An increasing demand is being seen for luxury SUVs as well- which are higher end SUVs with better features and more luxuries. Almost all car brands make SUVs nowadays.

Examples of compact SUV are Renault Duster, Ford Ecosport,

Compact SUV is a form of SUV that is smaller than the regular sized SUVs. This version of the SUV would have lesser space for passengers and for cargos. They are not the smallest version of SUVs though- that would be the mini- SUV.

A mid size SUV is one that belongs in between a compact SUV and a full size SUV. The categorization of SUVs happen on the basis of size, so the mid-size SUV is one that is neither the smallest of the SUV cars or the largest of the SUV cars. The mid size SUV cars are good for people who have larger cargo needs or have larger families, but are not ready to spend the amount of time and money it will take to maintain a full sized SUV.

A full size SUV is the largest SUV available in the market. They are the biggest size of sports utility vehicle available. They are much larger than both the compact SUVs and mid sized SUVs. They have large cargo spaces and bigger space for passengers as well. The full sized SUVs are supposed to be safer than the smaller versions, because they are more stable.