Datsun Car Models

About Datsun

Datsun is an automobile brand created by Dat Motorcar Company in the year 1931. Nissan Motor Company took over Dat motorcar in 1934 and was under its control until it was phased out in the year 1986.

Nissan announced in 2012 that the Datsun brand will be relaunched as the company's low cost brand in India, South Africa and Russia.

Nissan released the sketch of the Datsun Go model on July 01, 2013, the first low budget model to be sold after its revival. Datsun Go hit the market by early 2014.

Upcoming Models of Datsun

Price Range: ₹2.68 lakh - ₹6.8 lakh

Discontinued Models: GO , Go Plus [2015 - 2018] Show All