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Kia Motor Corporation or Kia Automobile is a South Korean automaker which was founded in 1944. They started the company manufacturing steel tubing and bicycle parts. They produced their first bicycle Sumchully in Korea in 1951. Later, they began manufacturing Honda licensed small motorcycles, Mazda licensed trucks and slowly concentrated on manufacturing cars. Kia industries opened their first automotive plant in 1973. By 1997, the Asian financial crisis caused Kia to declare bankruptcy. A year later, Hyundai and Kia established a partnership and Hyundai took 51% of share from Kia. In 2014 Kia gained world attention when Pope Francis rode on a Kia Soul during the five-day visit through South Korea.

Now Kia is the country’s second largest manufacturer after Hyundai Motor Corporation. Currently Kia manufactures many sedans, minivan, SUVs and hybrid vehicles. The brand entered in the highly competitive US market in 1992. Sephia and Sportage were some of the models that helped to establish a place in US market. Kia’s most popular products are Rio, Picanto, Sportage and Indian market can expect some more compact models along with the newly introduced Seltos.

Upcoming Models of Kia

Price Range: ₹6.8 lakh - ₹33.99 lakh

Discontinued Models: Sonet [2020 - 2021] Show All

In India Kia Motors is setting up a base in Andhra Pradesh. Seltos is the first car from Kia for the Indian consumers while a strategic compact sedan will also be introduced in the future. Kia is famous for manufacturing electric cars and India too can expect one in coming years.