Lexus is the Japanese luxury car maker that was established in 1983 by Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda for his intention to bring Toyota to the luxury car segment. He decided that his new vehicle would be the finest luxury car in the world that could offer speed, safety, comfort, elegance, dignity and beauty. The first Lexus, the flagship sedan LS400 was introduced in 1989 that put forward a new standard for luxury cars around the world. Since this historic launch, Lexus introduced the ES, SC, GS and IS. These were followed by Lexus’ luxury utility vehicles LX, GX and RX. Later, Lexus introduced luxury SUVs, Coupes and Hybrid cars. Being a leader in technology, Lexus became the first to launch the world’s first luxury hybrid, the RX400h and it was followed by other hybrid cars like GS, LS, ES and CT models. Recently, Lexus has introduced performance category vehicles with its F line. Not only that, Lexus offers unprecedented levels of customer service that exceeds the expectations of it clients.

Lexus entered into the Indian market in 2017 and offers three crossovers and two sedans. LS and ES are the sedan models; ES, the mid-level sedan, is meant to take on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6 and BMW 5 series; while LS is the full size sedan and takes on Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 series. Entry level NX and expensive RX are the crossovers that Lexus offers to the Indian market. NX SUV is the biggest car that Lexus sells in India and it is the luxury version of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. All Lexus models in India are brought as CBU and are manufactured at Lexus’ main plant in Japan.

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Lexus Car Models

Lexus ES Photo

Lexus ES

₹61.6 lakh - ₹67.9 lakh

Lexus LC Photo

Lexus LC

₹2.29 crore - ₹2.29 crore

Lexus LS 500h Photo

Lexus LS 500h

₹1.96 crore - ₹2.27 crore

Lexus LX Photo

Lexus LX

₹2.84 crore - ₹2.84 crore

Lexus NX Photo

Lexus NX

₹67.35 lakh - ₹74.24 lakh

Lexus RX Photo

Lexus RX

₹95.8 lakh - ₹1.18 crore

Lexus Dealers

Upcoming Models of Lexus

Price Range: ₹58.21 lakh - ₹2.84 crore

Discontinued Models: NX [2017 - 2022] , RX [2019 - 2023] , RX [2017 - 2019] Show All