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Maserati Quattroporte • Price, Variants & Specifications

First manufactured in Italy in 1963, Maserati Quattroporte marked the beginning of the era of luxury saloon cars. Nearly six generations of the car can be seen, each edition is being launched over a gap of few years in between. The chassis was elongated, keeping in pace with the latest trends in fashion at that time. What a commendable job done by the designing team in combining elegance , fashion and power without cutting down on the efficiency .Now lets us focus on what makes Quattroporte deliver an uncompromising performance always.

Maserati Quattroporte Variants

Variant NameEx-Showroom PriceCompare
Maserati Quattroporte Diesel

Diesel, 2987 cc, Automatic
City: 13 kmpl , Highway: 19.23 kmpl

₹1.71 crore EMI: ₹3,27,011 /m Get On Road Price
Maserati Quattroporte Granlusso Diesel

Diesel, 2999 cc, Automatic
City: 13 kmpl , Highway: 19.23 kmpl

₹1.78 crore EMI: ₹3,40,397 /m Get On Road Price
Maserati Quattroporte GranSport Diesel

Diesel, 2999 cc, Automatic
City: 13 kmpl , Highway: 19.23 kmpl

₹1.83 crore EMI: ₹3,49,958 /m Get On Road Price
Maserati Quattroporte GTS GranLusso

Petrol, 3799 cc, Automatic
City: 13 kmpl , Highway: 20 kmpl

₹2.58 crore EMI: ₹4,93,376 /m Get On Road Price
Maserati Quattroporte GTS Gransport

Petrol, 3799 cc, Automatic
City: 6 kmpl , Highway: 11.75 kmpl

₹2.56 crore EMI: ₹4,89,551 /m Get On Road Price
Maserati Quattroporte S

Petrol, 3799 cc, Automatic
City: 13 kmpl , Highway: 20 kmpl

₹1.73 crore EMI: ₹3,30,836 /m Get On Road Price

Engine & Performance

Aluminum is employed in making the body and chassis, which reduces the weight by considerable amounts.The engine has 8 cylinders V 90 degree, with a power of 4244 cc .The transmission is 5-speed for manual engine and 3-speed for automatic engine.The lubrication system is of the topmost quality and hence no noise can be heard at the ignition or at the pick up or during accelerating.The maximum torque delivered is 4750 rpm.The other performance statistics of Quattroporte are 400 HP power output, top speed of 270 km/hr,    0 -100 km/hr acceleration time of 5.6 seconds.The suspensions are strong as well as flexible thus enhancing the driving experience by maintaining a proper steady state.Changing gears is super smooth cause of the automatic transmission of gears. The number of brakes is four consisting of self – ventilating discs (330 mm) both at the front and rear. Moreover 4 piston callipers are also present in the braking system. The weight distribution is 49 % in the front and 51 % in the rear.For safety reasons, when the car speed exceeds 120 km/hr , then it attains a traditional fixed position . This is due to the use of Maserati Stability Programme (MSP) which effects the brakes and engine in critical times, and the car still manages to remain in control of the driver.


The front has the traditional trident logo in the center, giving Quattroporte a striking look.The Lighting system is based on Adaptive Light Control technology , which delivers stronger beams as compared to the conventional bulbs . The lights also keep a check on the movement of steering wheel.In the daytime, LEDs are used which are placed underneath the headlights and also in the rear portion of the car. So much emphasis is laid on the use of LEDs is because they illuminate quickly and lasts longer .The fog lights are located in the bumper and produce a very sharp beam. Rear spoilers are present on the sides and the 19 degree Neptune wheel rims makes the personality of Quattroporte even stronger.


Under the hood each and every component is enrobed in fine quality leather by Poltrona Frau.The instruments are more refined and redesigned, the steering can be lifted up in case you set your seat in a resting position, that too can be adjusted electronically.Small storage compartment on the centre tunnelThere is an electronic blind for the rear window, glass holders for the passenger’s comfort positioned in the rear arm rest.There is a centralized air conditioning system, and also a cooling compartment is being hidden inside front armrest, thus ensuring further insulation from the engine heat. Quattroporte has raised the bar of the standard of climate control mechanisms. A series of sensors are present serving two different functionalities. One function can be to monitor the quality of air and in case it is unpleasant, the recycling mechanism should be activated. The other function can be, if the windows are observed to be at the dew point then the humidity in the air is controlled and no more misting can be seen on the windows.

Features & Specifications

The I.C.E (Increased Control Efficiency) mode is a special feature in the design of cars. It provides fuel economy, driving in relaxation zone by letting you grip the steering as softly as gripping a glass of water.The drive can be undertaken in two styles by hitting the switch placed in central trunk .The two styles are – Sport and Low Grip. Sport is of more aggressive type focusing on delivering more power. Switched to Low Grip mode if the road surface is icy or offering less resistance.Skyhook boasts software, which has acceleration sensors to detect the movement of wheels and body, and the dampers are adjusted accordingly. Moreover this software allows you to put on two kinds of settings – Normal (for a perfect ride across the town) and Sport (for racing purpose).There is a combination of Bose and Maserati Multimedia system, thus it is a pleasure to tune into your favorite tracks. Apart from the basic utilities of CD/DVD/MP3/Radio player there is also a provision for USB reader.Maserati has a perfect blend of technology and aerodynamics, making it more desirable and irresistible. And it does full justice to the tagline of Maserati – Excellence with passion!!

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