About Avanturaa Choppers

Avanturaa Choppers is India’s first brand of premium motorcycles manufacturing world-class Choppers that are made in India. The word Avanturaa is derived from Sanskrit and it means strength, abundance and excellence, a product never imagined and an experience never had. The company’s headquarters is in Mumbai with manufacturing plant just outside the city. The maiden models Rudra and Pravega are the fully certified street legal that makes it one of five present motorcycle manufacturers born in India.

The Choppers were first introduced in America in 1950’s and it rapidly gained wide admiration among enthusiasts across the world with innovations. Rudra is ‘The ultimate roar’, a raw enchanting force. With its majestic forma and unimagined finesses, it becomes the mightiest of the mighty. The second model Pravega is derived from ‘Pravah’ and ‘Vega’ in Sanskrit. Pravega is the power of speed, agility and grace. With its engineering skills it becomes the riders “tryst with the wind”. Avanturaa’s each motorcycle is a testament of ultimate design engineering with the highest standards of production quality that offers rider, a unique experience. To make the experience truly bespoke ‘MyA’ (My Avanturaa), the proprietary software enables customers to create their own masterpiece by personalising handlebars, fender, wheels, engine finish, body graphics and even the color of brake callipers to suit it. Each model is designed to invoke strength and excellence.

Discontinued Models: Pravega [2017 - 2020] , Rudra [2017 - 2020] Show All