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Jawa first started right after the First World War. Jawa’s spirited creator is Frantisek Janecek. He bought the German motorcycle division of ‘Wander’- Janecek coined the name ‘Jawa’ with the first letters of the two names. Janecek was a visionary, established it as a motorcycle manufacturing company and started exporting to 100 countries. It gained reputation as rugged, simple and unbreakable brand. Not only that, it took the motocross and the racing by storm. The first Jawa was a 170 cc two stroke engine and became the most popular bike among youths. Later, it began to make 250 cc and 300 cc bikes with sophisticated four stroke engines. It gave the company great reputation because of its engineering brilliance.

During World War II it has to pause the production, but the visionary, the passionate Janecek continued the production secretly. His dream was the production of Jawa Perak, Perak made its debut appearance at 1946 Paris Motor Show.

The Iranian brothers ( Rustom & Farrokh) were the country agents of Jawa in India. They imported it from Czech to India. But, later the government banned the import of motorcycles. They planned another method to have the Jawa for the youths and for the race lovers. With the help of Mysor Raja they started the first factory at Mysore in 1961, and the company was named ‘Ideal Jawa’. Thus, it became easier for the Indians to have the reliable and unbreakable motorcycle. In India Fariboz Irani, C.K Chinnappa and Somedar Singh made the brand popular.

Price Range: ₹1.63 lakh - ₹1.86 lakh

Discontinued Models: Forty Two [2018 - 2020] , Standard [2018 - 2020] Show All

The first Jawa was called ‘Jawa’, with no suffix and prefix with the name. Now, we have new Jawa carrying the old nomenclature and old school look and colors. A second model also is available in Jawa Forty Two. Jawa introduced the new Perak recently with its two models but the launch will be only on early 2019.