About Lectrix

Lectrix is a pioneer in introducing electric scooters in India. Joint to the parent company SAR, Lectrix is a brand that aims to promote green solutions with its innovative technology. They build, test, and retest their vehicles at their EV production facility in Manesar. Now, electric scooters big on smart features is the dream!

Lectrix has introduced a range of models: .LXS is a safe and stylish electric scooter with mobile app connectivity, live tracking facility and exceptional battery life, at a price of 74999.Your neighborhood friendly ride, the all new {SX25} is a high-end yet convenient electric scooter available at a range of {price}.It houses a digital LCD cluster, USB port and a charging facility, along with a fast charging battery. The {EcityZip} is an electric scooter that runs at a 75km range on broad sporty tyres. It offers top of the line performance with Eco friendly travel range. Flexible home charging facility and top notch durability is an added advantage.The lowest range of electric vehicle is the LXS,74999 and the highest vehicle under the brand is the LXS.

Lectrix Bike Models

Lectrix LXS Photo

Lectrix LXS

74999 - 74999

On Road Price Coming Soon