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LML Dealers

About LML

LML is the Lohia Machineries established in 1972 by the Singhania family as the fibre industry. Later, LML entered into other areas like processing and manufacturing of leather and synthetic yarn. In 1982, LML made and agreement with Piaggio, the Italian manufacturer of scooter and started producing 100cc vehicles. In 1987, it was named as LML Ltd and concentrated only on the production and sale of gear scooters.

LML Ltd has fully changed scooter industry in India with the collaboration with the Piaggio. Earlier, LML scooters were branded as Vespa and now it no longer is branded as Vespa. The quality and high level performance of LML scooters are maintained still. The company is exporting its scooters to various countries like USA, UK and Italy. LML Freedom DX and LML Freedom LS are the two dynamic motorcycles available in India. Both these motorcycles offer brilliant performance both in street driving and highway as well.

LML produces scooters with metal body and it claims a strong presence in the market. The new 2stroke geared metal body scooters, 2 and 4stroke gearless plastic body scooters contribute much to regain LML’s position in Indian scooter manufacturing sector.

Price Range: 45500 - 54250

Discontinued Models: 2 Stroke [2011 - 2017] , 4 Stroke [2011 - 2017] , Freedom DX [2013 - 2017] , Freedom LS [2013 - 2017] , Star Euro 150 [2014 - 2017] , Star Euro 200 [2014 - 2017] Show All