Mahindra Bike Models

About Mahindra

Mahindra is a federation of companies divided into 11 business sectors. It is there as the company for seven decades, influencing the growth of modern India. Jagdish Chandra Mahindra is the founder of the company. Under the leadership of the Mahindra brothers the company extended to transportation, tractors, telecom and more. Mahindra entered the highly competitive two-wheeler industry through the acquisition of assets of Kinetic Engineering in 2008. Soon after the acquisition Mahindra started the production of Power Scooters. In 2011, Mahindra became the first Indian company to compete in the FIM Moto3TM Motorcycle Racing Championship that showcased their engineering expertise on global platform. In 2013, they entered the motorcycle market, as a big step to become a full-fledged two-wheeler company.

Recently, Mahindra reintroduced the old Jawa motorcycles to the Indian market. It gains position along with other Mahindra models, Mahindra Mojo and Mahindra Centuro. Mahindra Duro DZ, Mahindra Rodeo Uzo and Mahindra Gusto are the scooters that the company offer. Mahindra is also producing electric scooters and e-bikes under the name, Mahindra GenZe 2.0 and Mahindra GenZe e-bike. Mahindra’s two-wheelers can rule the road with its superior handling and in-built toughness that comes as standard to each Mahindra vehicle. Mahinda seeks new and better solutions to make the world a better place.

Price Range: 41999 - 55770

Discontinued Models: Duro DZ [2011 - 2015] , Duro DZ [2012 - 2015] , Flyte [2009 - 2015] , Gusto 125 DX [2016 - 2019] , Gusto [2014 - 2019] , Kine [2010 - 2015] , Mojo 300 [2015 - 2018] , Pantero [2013 - 2015] , Rodeo RZ Std [2012 - 2015] , Rodeo UZO 125 [2014 - 2017] Show All