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Revolt Intellicorp is the start-up founded by Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma. Indian start-ups were strongly based on software based e-commerce products. But now, some are focussing on other hardware products; based on India government’s favourable approach towards e-vehicles, Rahul Sharma has reportedly invested Rs. 400 – 500 crore into the Revolt Motor company for making e-bikes and RV400 is its first production. The company headquarter is in Gurgaon and it has a production facility in Manesar which has a capacity of 1, 20,000 bikes commissioned for the first phase.

RV 400 seems to be a fitting flagship product with an array of features. The bike claims to be able to run 156km on a single charge which will make its range twice as much as that of any competitor. The RV 400 will have a top speed of 85 kilometres per hour and claims to have class-leading torque.

Revolt Bike Models

Revolt RV400 Photo

Revolt RV400

₹1.25 lakh - ₹1.35 lakh

Revolt Dealers

Price Range: ₹1.14 lakh - ₹1.35 lakh

Rahul Sharma has some experience in his new area. Earlier Micromax Phones were assembled in India but most of its components are from China; similarly Revolt has worked with Chinese brand Super Soco TS to make RV 400 and will work closely with them in the future too for its platform developments. Since, many companies are on their way to produce e-vehicles; it will truly gain the pace in the coming decades.

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