Irrespective of the formulation of your chosen package of fertilizers, do bear in mind it is the ratio proportion of the essential micronutrients matters more than its nature of formulation. Generally, a proportionate blend of the mentioned elements is emphasized on to aid and abet all round output.

Ratio with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) measuring 10:10:10 is one of the most desirable blends to boost all round growth. The blend measuring 5:5:5 can be another alternative.

The formulation of a given package only influences its manner of use. So, formulation isn't really the benchmark for choosing fertilizers.

But choosing organic fertilizers over the chemically prepared ones has its deals to play. Advantages of organic fertilizers are far and too many to be preferred over inorganic kinds. First and foremost, they include in their package a varied array of micronutrients- the ones responsible for conditioning as well as fertilizing.

Organic fertilizer consisting of plant as well as animal substance adds to the boon of productivity. One of the most beneficial combinations relates to the blend of hydrolyzed fish and that of liquefied seaweed.

Moreover, with their organic base, they live up to the chemicals as well as the saline requirement of your garden. This variety of fertilizer with organic base is more beneficial than its artificial counterpart because it fulfills the requirements without leaching. On the other hand, the inorganic variety tends to leach its underground water level other than the surface.

Perhaps, the most advantageous use of organic fertilizer relates to its enhancement of soil bacteria. The bacteria in turn add to the health, longevity and productivity of soil.

Tips on the use of fertilizers

If you choose to make use of solid fertilizers, you need to have them dissolved so that the soil and plants thriving on the same is able to suck the nutrients in.

Granulated/powdered variety of fertilizer, calls for light sprinkling. Beds as well as the borders of plants call for the light supply of powdered fertilizers during the early days of a new season. As soon as a productive season sets in, you need to go about your sprinkling spree before the spell of sowing.

Use of fertilizers, irrespective of its form and content should be insisted on during the early and mid season of a productive spell. Application of fertilizer during the close of a productive season isn't at all desirable.

Fertilizers of the liquefied kinds are better suited for container/pot gardening.