As suggested by the nomenclature, indoor gardening relates to the idea of household garden - whereby you are able to do up the confines of your residential household with soothing touches of green.
Besides help you tide over the prospect of space constraint, indoor gardening serves to enliven the drab confines of your living arena.

The dots and patches of flora and foliage not only contribute to the vibrancy of your living premise; but also facilitate healthy living. The green phenomenon of inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling the life sustaining oxygen helps purifying the envelope of air.
In order to do away with dust, germs, debris and allergens- indoor gardening acts as an effective shield.The cost effective prospect of indoor gardening adds a chisel to your scheme of interior décor.

Care regimen for indoor gardening

  • Easy to maintain as well sustain all year round, indoor gardening involves the bare minimum commitments of watering, pruning and trimming.
  • The pot or container facilitated indoor gardening also calls for occasional repotting with shifts and shuffles of container. This helps rejuvenate your potted displays of the indoor garden.
  • To kick start your long drawn partnership with plants and foliage, you need to build up a needful base of potted containers - obviously as many as you need. Space specification of your household arena needs to be dwelt upon before building up the requisite base.
  • For an optimized alignment of your household décor, hanging options for pots and containers can came in handy.
  • Rectangular basin like container of porcelain make can add to the variety of your container base.
  • Irrespective of size and material, containers/pots chosen should be preferably large.
  • Pots selected need to be partly filled with pebbles, rocks or chipped pieces of wood. The idea is to provide for drainage besides preventing the loss of soil.
  • Next on line, comes the proposition of filling them with good and enriched soil, after all it is going to be the bare basis of your green potted wonders.
  • The soil should be extended till the point of root resting.
  • Another interesting tip with respect of care regimen for indoor gardening involves the use of plastic pots. Plastic pots help sustain moisture more than those made of porcelain and clay. Plastic pots may not be the best looking ones, but it boosts the prospect of warmth and humidity. In order to touch up its beauty quotient, nestling plastic pots within artistically designed basket/carriers seems to be a good idea.

  • As far as watering is concerned, do bear it in mind that plants need just the right supply of water. Watering in indoor gardening needs to be done with utmost care.
  • Region specific climatic conditions also determine watering requirements. For instance indoor gardening in cold and arid climatic condition involves frequent watering. At times, installation of humidifier may also be pertinent to the prospect of indoor gardening.

Fertilizers for indoor gardening

Soil supporting it is the only source of nourishment for your indoor potted garden. So, the base needs to be enriched with appropriate fertilizers. Either liquefied fertilizers or the use of fertilizer stick works out fine. As far as the choice of soil goes, it is preferable using container/pot friendly soil from nurseries, rather than depend on soils of garden.

Your indoor garden and sunlight

It is a natural tendency for plants to tilt towards the source of light. The placement of plants in the vicinity of light is one of the imperatives. Having them occasionally rotated or placed out in the sunlight is another requirement.

Plants grown by indoor gardening

Different varieties of orchid and bonsai can be nurtured by way of indoor gardening. Sword fern, dragon trees, amaryllis, ponytail palm and Chinese evergreen are some of the other varieties that can be nurtured by indoor gardening.