The responsibility of the government on E-Waste management is quiet crucial in the E-waste management and some of the tips that can be suggested on the part of government include :

  1. Setting up regulatory agencies in each state or county that are capable of consolidating and coordinating with the regulatory functions of the various government and federal authorities pertaining to electronic waste.
  2. If necessary, the government should make stringent laws on the proper disposal and management and electronic waste by both private and public institutions. The existing laws if any on electronic waste must be revamped and reviewed periodically.
  3. Public awareness programs should be conducted at regular intervals in order create a positive attitude among the public on E-Waste management.
  4. The governments have also responsibility to encourage Research and Development activities related with E-Waste Management and release funds if necessary for conducting R & D activities by private and public research institutions.
  5. Heavy fines should be imposed on those industries or individuals who does not follow the E-Waste management principles or dump the E-waste causing environmental hazards.
  6. Governments must in the forefront to have a tie up with manufacturers, retailers, industries in exploring the opportunities in providing recycling services.

Tips for proper disposal of E-waste by industries

The role of industries in proper disposal of E-Waste is quite crucial as majority of E-waste generated comes from industries who may be either the generators or users of electronic waste. Some of the steps that can be taken by these industries for proper disposal of E waste are:

  • Industries that generate E-waste must take responsibility of determining the source of this electronic waste and if the E-waste is dangerous must take proper E-waste management policies.
  • All the personnel involved in the E-waste in industries must be properly trained and duly qualified. The companies have the necessary freedom to adopt their own E-waste management policies that may include:
    1. Standardizing the components that can be easily dissembled
    2. Creating industrial products from bio-degradable materials
    3. Manufacturers of electronic products have the responsibility for educating consumers and the public about the possibility of threats from using their products and giving them instructions on how to avoid them and the proper disposal of E-waste on event of the end of their life cycle.