The responsibility of going green not only rests on individuals but also on business entities and organizations and therefore some of the green tips/green strategy that can be followed for the betterment of environment and saving of precious natural resources include:

  1. Provision of natural lighting: Business organizations while designing their office buildings can utilize the natural lighting to their best of advantage in order to illuminate the office space. Using natural lighting means providing proper ventilation, use of color combinations while painting the office spaces, inner gardening that makes the office space cool/warmer can in turn help in the reduction energy/electricity costs.
  2. Telecommuting: Introducing the concept of telecommuting for employees can help in the reduction of transportation based fuel emissions, gasoline and saving of electric power in offices. Providing telecommuting or work from home option can go a long way in enhancing the employee productivity as well as saving the environment from fuel emissions.
  3. Using software/internet technologies to save paper: Organizations can save paper and other stationary costs by implementing the use of electronic formats such as converting day-to-day business documents into PDF format and then delivering through email. This act not only saves on postage, stationary and paper but also helps in the speedy disposal of the information and thereby saving the environment by way of reduction in the cutting of trees for paper.