Solid waste management in simple terms is the proper disposal and management of the garbage that is generated by the various industries, human settlements, institutions and other places where activities of production and consumption of products and services takes place. A solid waste management system in normal parlance is a system that puts in place all activities pertaining to handling all the garbage in a scientific manner. These activities include recycling programs, establishing incinerators, providing land or dump filling sites, building infrastructure facilities related with garbage collection.

Tips for disposing and recycling solid wastes

Some of the tips for effective disposal off solid waste include:

  1. Keeping the streets, sidewalks and other public places free from garbage by utilizing the garbage bins thus keeping the streets clean and free from litter and debris.
  2. Placing the solid waste from households in a single location so that the garbage is easily picked up by the garbage collection personal.
  3. Using kitchen waste in the form of food scraps as a compost heap to be used in the garden or giving it to garbage collection personal.
  4. Reusing shopping bags and baskets whenever going for a grocery shop or a super market until they are no longer fit for reuse and disposing them in a proper way.
  5. Medical waste must be disposed off properly by disposing them in a drop boxes or supervised collection sites and incinerator centers.
  6. Recycling waste products will help in reducing the impact of solid waste on the environment. The business of recycling of solid waste is a billion dollar industry in the developed countries.
  7. A proper fecal sludge management for disposing off the fecal matter in another way managing solid waste.
  8. Using recycled paper and stationery products will go a long way in reducing the solid waste.
  9. Reusing the plastic boxes, bags, glass containers, postal material etc.
  10. Maintaining and repairing items such as appliances, cloths so that they last longer is another way of managing or reducing the impact of solid wastes.

Thus, the above mentioned tips are the basic ones that help in disposing off the solid waste in a proper way.