As a centuries ancient medicinal system with its roots in the Indian horizon; Ayurveda literally meaning the 'science of life' has gained substantial preponderance in offering therapeutic options to many chronic as well as acute ailments such as jaundice and cardio vascular disorders. With its basis in the natural world surrounding us and belief in working out an essential harmony among the forces of mind, body and senses; the alternative therapy of Ayurveda can be significantly effective in countering the effects of obesity as well as those calling for gaining of weight.

In keeping with the essence of Ayurveda, weight gain can be attributed to defects in one of the three energy elements of air, bile and water. Thus in dealing with the classic case of undesirable weight gain; an Ayurveda practitioner will try to diagnose the possibility of defect arising out of imbalance in any of the mentioned energy forces of 'vata', 'pitta' and 'kapha'.

Assessment of the source responsible for unaccountable weight gain will be followed by the recommendation of a dietary regimen which suits the specific system. With reduced metabolism being responsible for significant gain of weight, it is widely held as part of Ayurvedic system that people suffering from 'kaphya dosha' /excess secretion of mucus are more susceptible to putting on weight.

Ayurveda also seeks to control weight gain by making way for the eradication of toxins. It holds toxins imbibed by the human physiology from the environment on account of faulty lifestyle and eating habits, the functioning of organs responsible for controlling weight is undermined. By means of detoxification enabled through the thorough cleansing of breathing and excretory system, Ayurveda serves to strike the right balance in weight gain.

Apart from the recommendation of a changed dietary and life style centric regimen, certain herbal prescription and yogic exercises are also suggested to overcome the issue of weight gain.

Similar to gain in weight, weight loss can also be a cause of concern. With factors such as malnutrition, wrong nutritional standards, hereditary aspects contributing to weight loss, Ayurveda is also equipped with treatment option to counter the unhealthy condition of weight loss. With poor digestion harnessing the factors of weight loss, an assessment is made by the ayurved as to the actual cause of the given condition.

After an assessment of his lifestyle and other physiological symptoms such as eating habits, sleeping hours, frequency in the passage of bowel, the exact line of treatment is decided on. Apart from recommending healthy tips with regard to life style management, certain other measures insisting on the consumption of nutritional food and regular exercise are also recommended.

In order to cater to the issue of weight gain, herbal tonics and appetizers are also advised so that the ca lack of appetite contributing to the loss of weight may be countered. Tonics adding to the absorption of nutrients are also advised as an effective solution to the gain of weight.

Scientific researchers have proved the beneficial content of herbs such as 'khadir', 'brahmi', 'trifla', 'neem' and 'aswagandha'. Ayurvedic capsules based on the extracts of the mentioned herbs are useful in aiding digestion apart from adding to vitality, muscular power and refreshment. Moreover they are also free from side effects. Thus recommendation of herbal capsules in order to indirectly bring about gain in weight is also in vogue as part of the naturally beneficial Ayurvedic therapy. In keeping with the case history of the concerned patient massaging and exercise are also recommended to counteract sudden or gradual loss of weight.

In cases where the patient's loss of weight is triggered by the presence of another disease, the Ayurved usually seeks to rectify the underlying cause responsible for the loss of weight.