Do you want to know if you are an apple shaped body type? Well, this is how you find out:

  • The top portion of your body and your legs are in proportion and;
  • You carry some extra weight in your mid-section and you don’t have a very well defined waist in particular

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Apple Body Shape

Diet tips for Apple body shape

What you should wear

As an apple shaped person, there are specific clothing styles that you should follow:

  1. Flowy: Your clothes should be flowy. Shimmy silks and cottons might be really good options for you.
  2. Go easy on the color: Make sure that you do not combine too many colors. If you are wearing a top and a bottom, make sure that the two are contrasting colors
  3. Go V: Make sure you have a lot of V necked clothing in your wardrobe
  4. Go short: If you are opting for skirts or dresses, go short (around 2 to 5 inches above the knees)
  5. A-Line: A –line cuts would work wonderfully for you, for they will give you somewhat of an hourglass shape

MUST HAVE: A Single Breasted Jacket: This is a must-have. It will define your waist and make you look so much slimmer!

What you should avoid:

  1. Nothing skinny: Skinny jeans, pencil pants, fitted trousers- avoid all of these, for they might exaggerate your mid section
  2. Low- cut tops: Do not show too much cleavage, for they would not be flattering for an apple shaped body
  3. Avoid big sleeves: Big sleeves or puffy sleeves should be avoided like the plague

Dresses for occasions

  1. Formal events or parties: Avoid long dresses as much as you can. Going for a short- sleeved dress with a flaring waistline would be the best option
  2. Wedding gowns: Make sure you do not pick out a wedding gown that has a halter neck or a mermaid cut. Go for something more flowy, and more ball- gown like for the best results