An hourglass figure is known as the perfect shape for a woman, as the body, in this case, possesses the perfect narrow waist. It has some specifications that differentiate this body type from the rest. An hourglass figure is considered the epitome of womanliness. Read on to know more.

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Characteristics of hourglass body shape

The characteristics of hourglass body type include a wider hip and bust contrasting with a very narrow and slim waist. The equal measurement of the hips and the bust along with a trimmed waistline results in a very curvy figure-a traditional hourglass-like figure - that is prized by women from time eternal.

Hourglass Body Shape

What to wear by women with hourglass shape

There are certain style options that one belonging to an hourglass figure may follow.

Puffs - Wear those puffed sleeved blouses or shirts to emphasize the shoulders if they are already not too large.

Accessorize with belts - Belted dresses and other clothing draw attention to the trim waist which is the biggest plus of this body type.

Skirts - Line skirts are a must-have in the closet. These are fitted around the hips which emphasize hourglass figure. A peplum detailing on a skirt that creates a line downwards from the waistline to the hips, too draws attention to the curvy hips. Pencil skirts too look flattering on the hourglass body type.

Open up the neckline - V-necks and other coop necklines help in extending the length of the upper body.

Separates - Same colored separates lengthen the look of this body type.

Fitted/ flared jeans - Straight-legged jeans skim the thighs. Also boot-cut jeans of dark shades work well on this hourglass body type. The jeans need to fit around the bum and the hips this helps balance the curves making you look stunning.

Trousers - High-waist and wide-legged trousers underline the curvaceous body and are great style options.

Drapes and wraps - Draping too works to the advantage of this body type. A diagonal draping starting from the waist to the hips not only accentuates the hips but also camouflages the tummy.

Shoes - Style options remain incomplete without wearing the right kind of shoe. Wrap it up by wearing shoes with heels. These help in lengthening the look of the hourglass figure making the hips look less full/ large.

What clothes should hourglass shaped women avoid

Not every piece of clothing is made to suit a body type. One also needs to know what to avoid.

Go one-size up - Avoid wearing body-hugging clothes. Wear clothes that are one size up than your normal size. These enhance the hourglass figure rather than making it too exposed.

Don't hide the neckline- What is a big no-no for this body type are the turtlenecks or the high-necked tops.

Do not play with colors - Do not mix too many solid colors or prints in the case of separates. That makes the body look as if it has been dissected in half at the waist.

Don't go short - Short skirts pull attention to the hip area that makes it look rounder and big.

Nothing baggy - Loose and ill-fitted pants make the bottom look big. Only a bit of flare at the bottom of the pants looks good.

Short jackets - Jackets that hang around the widest part of the hips should be avoided. Rather ones which are longer and go below your hips should be worn.

Double-breasted jackets - These jackets make the chest area look too large.

High-waist dresses - These conceal the slim waist hiding the best part of the body.

Nothing big - Avoid chunky and ultra-big belts.

Outfit options for different occasions:

These are certain style options that suit the hourglass figure:

Formal Party options - Pencil skirts look the best on this body type and should be considered for a formal party teamed with a nice blouse. Also wide-legged trousers that are fitted near the waist could be paired along with a loose top.

For casual occasions - Vertical striped tops paired with straight fit or little flared jeans look best.

Party option - One-piece outfits like dresses that drape around the waist are ideal. They flatter the hip area without making it look too big.