Different women possess different body shapes, but the most common of them all is the pear shaped body or triangle body shape. Women who tend to have excess of weight on the lower part of their body are known to be pear shaped.

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Characteristics of pear body shape

This kind of body shape has a smaller upper half with petite shoulders and a slim waist, while fat tends to get stored at the hips, buttocks and the thighs.

Abdominal fat or belly fat is a sight that is not to be found in the pear shaped body.

Pear Body Shape

What should women with pear shaped body wear

One needs to draw the emphasis away from the hips a bit, and draw it to the upper half of the body to balance it out. To do this here are some simple fashion tips.

Fitted tops - Wear tops that are not baggy styled and are well fitted. The length should be till the top of your hips to enhance the well-defined waist.

Jackets and Coats - These could be of the waist length or be three quarter that will cover the problem areas. Double breasted coats are a must-have for the pear shaped body.

Pants - Boot-legs suit the pear body shape. It helps in balancing out the broad hips, thighs and buttocks.

Dresses - Strapless, halter neck or spaghetti strap dresses work well on the pear shaped body. Dresses that drape around the hips skim the curves. Ruffles, patterns and embellishments placed at the top of the dresses stress the upper half of the body.

Delve in patterns - Tops and blouses that have textures, details and patterns designed at the top, draw the attention upwards, away from the less flattering areas.

Stripes - Striped jumpers add length to the upper section of the body that helps in balancing it out with the broad hips.

Show off the curves - Wraps, dresses and A-line skirts are ideal for the pear body shape. These skim the curves enhancing their shape rather than making them look broad.

Show off the neckline - Tops with larger necklines such as cowl necks, squared, and bateau.

Colors - Choose dark colors for the bottom and lighter; and brighter shades for the tops. Also if there is a pattern such as color-fading, see to it that it is incorporated at the narrowest portion of the legs

Shoes - Fashion tips are incomplete without wearing the perfect shoes. To complete the look wear heels. These add length to this body shape, making the leg look longer and the hips and buttocks smaller.

What not to wear:

Keep in mind these fashion tips to know what to avoid if you are pear shaped.

Short tops/ jackets - Short jackets and tees that end around the buttock emphasize the large hips.

Short or tight - Skirts that are any of these two should be avoided. Tight and short skirts emphasize the hips and the buttocks making one look broad.

No clingy materials - Lycra or any other figure-hugging materials should be avoided. These enhance the problem areas of the pear shaped body.

Light or ‘washed look’ Jeans - These draw attention to the upper half of the body and thus should be avoided.

Outfit ideas for Pear Shaped Body for different occasions:

Still confused about what suits well and what does not, try out these staple fashion tips.

Formal occasions - High-waist skirts make the broad hips and thighs look slender by making them look elongated. Pair this up with an embellished or ruffled blouse to emphasize on the upper half of the body.

Casual occasions - Boot-leg pants teamed with a top with billowing sleeves makes the shoulders look broader and makes even with the hips.

Party - Wear a dress with a well-defined neckline. Put on a belt below the bust. Also highlight the narrowest area of the legs with a color-fading pattern on the dress.

Note - When selecting an unstructured top, match it with a slim belt to enhance the waistline.