Knowing your body shape is an important step towards knowing what clothes would suit you the best. There are many different kinds of body shapes, out of which the rectangle shape body is one.

Body Shape Calculator - What is your body shape?

How do you know that you are a rectangle shaped woman?

  1. You have little definition on the waist
  2. Your hips and your bust are roughly the same size
  3. The difference between your bust and your waist is little
  4. Even when you gain weight, the weight stays distributed across your body
Rectangle Body Shape

Fashion tips from the famous

There are a lot of celebrities who have a rectangle shape body and they certainly manage to pull off a lot of fashion styles. One has to make sure that they take some tips from these celebrities. Some famous rectangle bodied women celebrities are Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, and Reese Witherspoon etc.

What should rectangle shaped women wear?

When looking for fashion tips for rectangular bodies, women have to make sure that they know what they should wear. There are some essential clothing styles that would certainly make them look better. Here are some tips that could really aid you:

  1. The neckline: Having a scooped neckline or a sweetheart neckline would really define your curves; maybe even create some of them.
  2. Exaggerate: Rectangle shaped women can certainly wear tops and dresses that is a little over the top when it comes to the design with the material. They can wear shirts that have ruffles or a lot of detail and they will certainly look good doing the same, for it would add definition and curves as well.
  3. Ballerina waistline: One of the problems that a rectangular body might face is a non- defined waist. In order to define the waistline and to provide some distinction between the size of the waist and the bust, one can opt for a ballerina waistline. This would exaggerate the curves on the hip and the bust as well.
  4. Going lean: It might be surprising to learn that long and lean jackets would help. If you have a lean and rectangular body, you could embrace it and flaunt it now and then. Instead of creating illusions of curves, just flaunt the straight lines of your body.
  5. Layers: Wear clothes that have a lot of layers- like wearing a t-shirt inside your shirt or just wearing a sleeveless t-shirt on top of another t-shirt. This would certainly make you look better and define your body better.
  6. No concerns regarding pants: Rectangular body has one big benefit- almost all kinds of pants would look amazing. Pencil pants would emphasize those straight legs and make you look lean and mean. Ruffled pants would add curves to your body and make you look good. When pants shopping, you are pretty much free to buy whatever you want as rectangular shaped women.

What would not look good on rectangle shape body?

There are some fashion styles and clothes that would be very unflattering to the rectangle shaped woman. You will have to make sure that you avoid these fashions, lest they make you look anything less than your best.

  1. Neckline: Avoid high necklines. This would mean avoiding Chinese collars, closed neck clothes, boat necked clothes etc.
  2. Baggy jeans: Baggy jeans are probably the only exception to the list of pants that look good on rectangle shaped women. Unless you are deliberately going for the male look, wearing baggy pants won’t work on your rectangular shape.

Must have sheath dress: You might have noticed that the above mentioned rectangle shaped celebrities have a love for the sheath dress. This is a dress that would certainly work for all occasions and would make your body look fabulous!

Here’s your guide for what to wear for special occasions:

1. Formal occasions: If you are dressing for a wedding, make sure that you are wearing one of those loop skirted gowns or dresses. Going for a deep, scooped neckline. Halter necks and strapless dresses would also make you look really good.

The same rules apply for parties that you are attending as well. As a rule, avoid anything that is sheathed. When dressing for office, go for flared skirts and pants, not the pencil counterparts.

2. Casual occasions: If you are dressing for a picnic or just a day out in the sun, a summer dress would be your best friend. Long, retro styled skirts would also make your body look amazing.