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The Hourglass Shaped Body is considered to be the ideal body shape. But if you do not watch your calories it could slowly take shape of a pear or apple shaped body. So, watch what you feed your body!!

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Below is a list of food items that'll work wonders for your body shape:

  • Brown rice, Quinoa, chia seeds, flaxseed powder: These will provide the needed fiber, energy, and are low in fats. Have at any time of the main day in place of your white rice and white bread.
  • Fresh vegetables: Cucumbers, tomatoes, tender spinach leaves, red, yellow, green peppers, carrots need to eaten fresh. Just use slight salt or seasoning to avoid the boredom of eating bland foods.
  • Fresh Fruits: When your sweet tooth needs to be satisfied, have a delectable bowl of mixed fresh fruits likes cantalopues, pineapples, apples, pears, melons, mangoes, and any fruit that you love. Mix in a bit a dollop of Greek yogurt and a spoonful of honey and enjoy.

Do not eat:

  • Bananas: Avoid bananas as much as possible as they have loads of starch in them
  • Potatoes, root vegetables: Tubers like potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsley roots, and sugar beets need to reduced as they have a lot of sugars and add to your tummy line.
  • Processed Foods: White flour, white sugar, tinned foods, sodium rich foods like pickles, sauces, spreads need to be avoided.

Recommended Exercises:

  • Group, street and dancing sports in the late afternoon.
  • Play some impact sports that require high speed and medium resistance involving both lower and upper body.
  • L-kicks, leg curls and lifts, triceps kickback, behind the neck presses and whole-body workouts like jumping rope will help to reduce fat and keep your body in shape.
  • Avoid inclines, kickboxing and high impact aerobics that may add weight to your leg muscles.

In life, you don't get anything worth having without putting in the required time and effort.

But the good news is, if you follow the plan and stick with the diet then you will be happier quicker than you think, faster than you expected.