Irrespective of your objective and purpose of dressing, no scheme is complete without a matching & relevant hairdo. Having dressed yourself to the nine, you obviously are in need for an equally attractive hair style. It’s all about finding hair styles that suit your idea of dressing- which again is likely to vary from occasion to occasion. Subtle changes in hair styling can go a long way in giving you the look you want to state.

Hair styles for long hair: benefits of long hair

  • There is little to affirm and reaffirm that long hair is one of the prized assets, having its deals to offer in beauty enhancement.
  • Depending on the statement you want to lay across, long hair gives you the option for a greater variety of styling and tying inputs.
  • There is little on earth to replace the natural grandeur of soft and flowing tresses, being kissed by the gentle dabs of breeze.
  • Long hair and styles matching the same are suitable for facial shapes of different kinds.

Different hair styles –for long hair

  • With long hair, you are in with a ravishing variety of style to pick from. Whether you want to have it freely flowing or have it bundled into a knot or bun, the choice is yours to dwell upon.
  • You can have your long tresses spruced up with layered or razor cut. With its unique unevenness, you can have your facial area closely framed.
  • Long hair with natural and bouncy curls is worth flaunting. If you aren’t gifted with natural curls, you can add curls to the same.
  • You can have the hair done in such a way as to give it the wavy feel.
  • Wavy tresses with front locks lightly swept in bangs is another hair style for long hair.
  • You may also have the locks swept in parts and have the same clutched or clipped. For a neat yet casual look, locks swept in clutch can create the right punch.
  • Irrespective of the hair style you choose to don, do bear it in mind that long hair needs a lot of pampering and care.

Different hair styles- for hair medium in length

  • Relatively easier to manage than those long and flowing tresses, you can manage an up do of the more formal kinds with hair medium in length.
  • In order to accentuate your facial feature, you can go for fringes and layers.
  • Having hair medium in length done up in long/short bobs is another option.
  • You can have it curled to bring on a casual look or go for steps with fringes suiting the same. In fact, with fringes you can bring about a sleekly satisfying look to your face
  • Shag styling also works fine with hair medium in length.
  • Shoulder length hair with falling natural bends and front fringes flipping across forehead, can provide sleek stylishness to facial shapes of varying kinds.

Different hair styles – for short hair

  • Short hair can be given widely varying look with relevant modifications in bangs.
  • To meet the needs of more formal occasions, you may have extensions added to churn out hair styles of different kinds.
  • You can do up short hair in curls, prom, bobs besides bangs.

Hair tying tips for various occasions

  • Bearing in mind the relative gravity of an occasion, hair styling and hair tying tips are supposed to differ as much as your clothing style and that relevant to the use of cosmetics.
  • Besides revealing your taste and flair, different hair tying options can say a great deal about your personality.

Hair tying tips for interview

  • First and foremost, have your hair neatly trimmed before plunging into an interview.
  • Other than having it nicely combed, long hair should be swept back and managed with a clutch/clip.
  • Avoid tying with clips and bands garishly ornate in style. Rather use the ones plain yet classy to look at.
  • Depending on your facial cut, you may have a part of the hair swept backward for an up do.
  • Avoid hanging fringes alongside of your cheeks.

Hair tying tips for office goers

  • Long hair can be done up into a bun or a knot. Do remember not to go for a top/high knot. Medially placed bun gives you the prim and propriety of a formally dressed work person.
  • Doing it up into a sleek and sweet pony tail is another hair tying tip for office goers.
  • In case, you are the proud possessor of curly/wavy hair, use a quality serum to have it well conditioned and dabbed in place.

Hair tying tips for night parties/marriages

  • Letting loose your ‘rippling cascade’ is one of the finest hair tying tips for night parties.
  • Curly hair can be given a straightened look to suit the purpose of parties formal in kinds.
  • If your hair is medium in length, you can have it back combed to get a fluffy look and then have it tied into a bun.
  • Bun with folds and fashionable bangs swept carelessly along the cheeks will work fine with your evening drape.
  • You can even do it up into a longish knot of the trendy type, with thin fringe or two hanging along your cheeks.
  • Having the forehead covered with front bang and the remaining done up in short curls is another styling option for night parties/marriages.
  • Half up and half down hair styling option is one of the typical fads of winter wedding.

Hair tying tips for beaches/summer

  • Put into use your curling irons to get the ruffled and messy look of beach hair style.
  • Having hair braided into plait is one of the cool options for summer.
  • With hair of medium to short in length, having it done up in horse/pony tail is another hair styling option for summer.